Get your groove back; 5 ways to find your business mojo after a setback

5 ways to find your business mojo after a setback

Running your own business isn’t always easy, however, for parentpreneurs, the smallest setbacks can sometimes feel like a massive hurdle. With so much riding on making your business a success, including providing for your family, you can sometimes feel like packing it all in when faced with a setback.

This is a normal way to feel and the good news is that there are things that you can do to get your mojo back.

Here are the 5 best ways to get your groove back after being faced with a business setback.

Don’t make any excuses

Bad things can happen in business, but the worst thing you can do is try to make excuses for why. Sometimes your setback may be due to a mistake that you made, or something it can simply be just one of those things. If you try to make excuses for it, then you will never be able to accept it and move on.

Don’t act like it never happened

Ignoring a setback, or brushing it under the carpet is not a productive way of dealing with it. Instead, you should always recognise what has happened, and why it may have happened. That way you can find a way to stop it happening again.  Never ignore an issue in business, for the most part, this could lead to the problem getting bigger and bigger. Face things head on and not only will you learn from it, but you could find it isn’t as bad as you first thought.

Remember that everyone fails from time to time

It can seem like you are completely alone, but every business has had setbacks during its lifetime. This is an important thing to remember. Not only does it make you feel better about your current situation, but also may prompt you into asking fellow parentpreneurs for advice on how they got their mojo back.

Don’t punish yourself

The worst thing you can possibly do after a setback is punish yourself for your failings. This is a truly negative act and could have longer-term repercussions for your business. Rather than punishing, why not sit down and look at the ways that you can turn this into a positive? What things can you do differently, what things can you change? By looking at this, rather than telling yourself how bad you did, you will soon be back on the path to success.

So, now you know. With some positive thought and determination, you can rise from the ashes as a phoenix. See every setback as a challenge, something that needs solving and can allow your business to grow and grow. With this outlook, you are sure to be back in the groove in no time, and driving your business towards to success that you deserve!

The Parents in Biz community is particularly helpful if you:

  • Feel like no one understands your position and don’t have anyone to turn to.
  • Lack the tools and resources to drive your business forward.
  • Aren’t making any or very little revenue.
  • Are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Are struggling to juggle your business and family life.

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