Empowering the money mindset of teenagers and young people

Empowering the money mindset of teenagers and young people

In this episode, Patience talks about the difference between financial literacy and financial mindset and discusses the hearsay about money and young people. She makes a reflective pause on a quote by Maya Angelou, shared some data and finished the episode with some gentle tips to take away.

Patience is a certified mindset coach and NLP practitioner at Otentik Mindset. She is passionate about supporting young people in enhancing and getting new skills that will help them as they approach adulthood.

Working with young people aged 12-25 from diverse backgrounds, having various necessities in need of clarity for their future. She is passionate about supporting and helping young people create a healthy and sustainable mindset.

Helping young people develop achievable and measurable goals to monitor success and motivate ongoing behavioural change is her focus.

She supports young people develop and exploit their strengths to bring successful behavioural changes in their lives.

The focus is on enabling mindset shifting for mindfulness, finances, personal branding, relationship and mental wellbeing.


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