Ela Teague – Meet the Parent behind the business

Ela Teague – Meet the Parent behind the business

Welcome to the Parents in Biz Inspirational Parent Business Owners Interview Series! In this series, you will get to the parent behind the business small business owners with a big heart.

Ela is a mother of two, and from a young age, she loved cooking. Ela was a secondary school teacher for 18 years, teaching computer science. Cooking for her has always been a real passion for Ela, and coming from an Indian Gujarati household, eating was just as important.

The joy of feeding people great food gives her is why she wants to share her passion for food with you. Whether you want to enjoy a group or private class, the aim is the same she wants you to leave happy and confident that you can recreate the dishes yourself.

Cook Eat Joy

Website:  www.cookeatjoy.co.uk

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cook.eat.joy

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CookEatJoyCookeryClasses

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