How to deal with stress: 3 tips for parentpreneurs

How to deal with stress: 3 tips for parentpreneurs

Being parentpreneur isn’t easy. Finding a balance between being able to run your business and look after your family is hard. Stress is inevitable, but whilst it can’t be avoided, you can find ways to manage it better.

So, want to make sure that you don’t sink into a pit of despair due to those feelings of stress? Here are our top 3 tips for parentpreneurs and how you can deal with stress.

Create a bonfire in your mind

One of the main reasons that a parentpreneur feels stressed is due to being overwhelmed because of all the things that need to be done. This can lead to a lack of focus as well as motivation too. You can also feel that your mind is too full of to-do lists, some of which may not actually need to be done there and then.

A great way to try and combat these feelings of being overwhelmed is to set up a little bonfire in your mind. Think about those to-do lists that are not actually a priority to get done and see if you can add them as fuel to the fire. Not only will it make you sit down and think about the things that you really need to do, but also you will feel that you have a clearer mind and less overwhelmed too.

Set yourself a goal for the next day at bedtime

If you are the type of person who lies in bed thinking about things and wondering about the day ahead of you, then this is a tip that you are definitely going to benefit from. If you find that you have thoughts going through your mind which are stopping you from going to sleep, then maybe it is time to make a decision or set a goal.

Worried about a big decision? Tell yourself that you have to make it tomorrow morning when you wake up. Thinking about things that you need to do. Let your brain know that you will write a to-do list first thing. Sounds like a simple tip, but this can really be a huge benefit to those people who are feeling stressed out about the things that you need to think about.

Talk it out

We have already covered how important it is to make sure that you have a good support network around you when it comes to running your own business. This means if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, then use them.

Find someone who you can talk to about the way that you are feeling, and make sure that you ask for their advice. You may be surprised by the ideas and approaches that they can recommend for you to try out and even if they don’t have any sound advice for you, you may find that simply getting things off your chest makes you feel better.

Stress might be something we all feel, but that doesn’t mean that you should ever let it get on top of you. Think that you need some help when it comes to feelings of being overwhelmed? Why not try out some of these ideas for yourself?


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