Coping with Entrepreneurial loneliness

Coping with Entrepreneurial loneliness

Working for yourself and running your own business is fantastic, it has a whole host of benefits that will make all the hard work worthwhile. Whilst there are plenty of benefits, there are also some negative points that you need to think about too.

One of the biggest drawbacks to working alone is just that, you are working alone. Entrepreneurial loneliness is a real problem for those that work alone. But rather than simply living with the loneliness, there are things that you can do to help.

Have some background noise

Sometimes the worst thing about working from home is the fact that it is silent. There is nothing like silence to make you feel lonely, which means if you want to beat those lonely feelings, but you still need to work at home, then why not pop the radio or TV on for a bit of background noise? The TV can be a bit of a distraction, so it may be a good idea to find something that you won’t be tempted to watch.

Hold a meeting with other entrepreneurs

As more and more people are choosing to work from home or run their own business, chances are that you will have other friends that are in the same position as you. Why not plan bi-weekly meetings whereby you all get together and catch up on how things are going. This could be held at a house or perhaps somewhere public, and just gives you the chance to speak to some real people for a change.

Make the most of social media

One of the best things about social media is that it allows you to interact and communicate with the real world, even when you are hidden away. When you are feeling a little lonely, why not reach out on social media. Not only will it give you a bit of a boost, but it also means that you are taking a break from your work, which can really help too.  You could even join a business network group, as you may find that there are those out there who have a similar problem.

Work somewhere else for a few hours

By this we don’t mean get another job, we mean that you pick up the laptop and head outside. A coffee shop is an ideal place to plonk yourself for the day, as it means that you can listen to all the background noise and extract yourself from your four walls, if only for a few hours.

Being lonely is never fun, and it isn’t something that you should ignore, as those feelings will only worsen. Instead face them head on, and do something about it. In no time at all, you will be feeling much more like yourself rather than a lonely hermit who never leaves the house!

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