Conscious, unconscious and self-conscious parenting

Conscious, unconscious and self-conscious parenting

Conscious, unconscious and self-conscious parenting and dealing with feelings of failure, guilt and shame in parenting.

In this episode, Tania talks about exploring conscious, unconscious and self-conscious

parenting and what these mean about how we show up with children. Unconscious parenting is being unaware that past programming and triggers are playing out in our relationship with children.

Self-conscious parenting is being hyper-aware of other people’s perceived views of yourself as a parent, and this may mean that we abandon ourselves and our children in order to meet society’s expectations.

Conscious parenting is about becoming aware of how our past conditioning impacts our relationship with children.  This is not about being a perfect parent.  It does allow us to make changes without blaming and shaming ourselves, children or others.

I also talk about how the feelings of failure, guilt and shame are learned in childhood and how they play out in our present.  A process of an internal compassionate observer and asking questions from a place of compassion is really important in helping with these feelings.

I encourage you to ask questions from a place of curiosity so you can gain new perspectives and insight. We often draw conclusions about ourselves, which are unhelpful but, more importantly, stop us from making the changes we desperately want to.

This process of re-parenting ourselves is a gateway to becoming more conscious and compassionate both with ourselves and our children which can serve to break intergeneration patterns that no longer serve us.

Tania Lopez, from Full Circle Hypnotherapy, is a Parenting Coach and a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, counsellor and teacher, specialising in helping stressed out and overwhelmed mums who are struggling with their children’s behaviour to encourage cooperation and to start enjoying parenting.

For the last 14 years, she has worked as a teacher delivering parenting, confidence building and stress management courses to parents. She has two decades experience of working with families, mostly at the crisis end.

Tania is passionate about working with mums and has a great deal of empathy with the challenges they face whether they are at home, in work or just out in public.  She loves working with unconscious processes as they dictate so many of our beliefs, feelings and actions.

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