What Colours Say About Your Logo And Brand Identity

What Colours Say About Your Logo And Brand Identity

We all love colours from our childhood to all the times we have spent. Colours bring life to your moments, and no matter how old you become the fascination does not wane with time. Colours convey messages, evoke emotions and add brilliance to everyday things no matter how simple is the thing.

It is a fact that the human minds are more responsive towards visual stimuli and colours are one the major defining factors for creating a response.  On both a conscious and subconscious level, colours convey meaning, and people respond to it.

Logo design of brands has specific colours for some reason that reflects the proficiency of affordable logo designers in conveying the message through the designs. The designers harness the power of colour psychology to bring in connection with their designs. The colour of a brand’s logo design is not your favourite colour or selected because it looks good but rather depends on the message you like to convey through your logo design.

How Important Is Colour In A Logo Design?

The importance of colours cannot be better explained than colours it selves. Here are a few logo designs of most famous brands with variations in their colours.

Even though we have not changed the design at all, but a colour change in the logo design has made the brand look something else entirely. So, you get a better grasp of how important colour is to your brand identity. Your brand depicts an entirely new message and a new look with the colour change in logo design. So, messing up with colours is messing up with your brand’s identity.

Blue Logo Designs:

The colour blue in logo design is too common, and we have seen the bulk of blue logo designs.

What Does Blue Mean?

  • Trusted
  • Conservative
  • Dependable
  • Honesty
  • Calm
  • Secure
  • Cool

Specifically: Found as a corporate colour and frequently used in online business and financial institutions.

Black Logo Designs:

What Black Means:

  • Sophisticated
  • Luxurious
  • Formal
  • Stylish
  • Expensive
  • Authoritative

Specifically: Black is used for luxurious and sophisticated brands. Often used with white to give a good combination.

Red Logo Designs:

  • Bold
  • Passion
  • Strength
  • Attention
  • Love
  • Excitement
  • Action
  • Aggressive

Specifically:  Red is mostly used in edibles and sporty brands and often found with as a supporting colour in most of the brands.

Yellow Logo Designs:

  • Logical
  • Optimistic
  • Progressive
  • Confident
  • Creative

Specifically: Yellow is generally too bright colour to stand on its own and will require a secondary outline, background or border color.

Green Logo Designs:

  • Nature
  • Wealth
  • Fresh
  • Life
  • Harmony
  • Environment
  • Growth

Specifically: Green means “go.” Used frequently to represent eco-friendly companies and products and thought to be a calming colour.

Bold and bright colours like red and yellow are attention-grabbing colours whereas light colours like green and blue define nature, strength, and calmness. The colour black and purple are termed to be as luxurious colours and represents sophistication and royalty. More specifically, particular meanings are ascribed to different colours in society.

Now, the Cultural Effect of Colours,

Yes, colours do have their meaning associated with them, but these meaning so have some similarities and dissimilarities with different regions. The colours that tend to be soft for a region may not be the same for another region.

For example, red is considered to be a lucky colour in China, while white is the colour of death and mourning in India. There’s a good round-up of the cultural connotations of different colours in different countries. Make sure your colour choice reinforces and enhances the design of your logo and defines it.

Loius Martin is a Digital Marketing Manager at Invictus Studio. He has been transforming businesses into brands by connecting all the dots of branding. With a passion for writing, he has covered major areas of marketing and design.

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