How to choose your own work week no matter what you do

How to choose your own work week no matter what you do

As entrepreneurs, we all dream of a work-life balance plan. But is it even possible? That’s a million dollar question and the answer depends from person to person. Many people take that as a priority when thinking about starting their own business. The more you spend on your business, the more you earn, but the less you “live” so what is the point of earning? A typical schedule of eight working hours, eight for sleeping and eight for social relations, hobbies other activities does not always work out. Too many situations that can’t wait happens every day, even at night and especially when you own a business. So how should a business owner like you spend the time to work? Instead of an unrealistic plan, you could give yourself a forgiving approach to a work-life balance.

Set Priorities, Not Boundaries and Keep Everything Flexible

Fixed working hours will make you exhausted in no time. Try to adjust your working time based on priorities, not boundaries. For example, there is a new project requiring more than 10 hours working time per day for a few weeks. No way you could just leave it there and go home at five because you will soon realise that you cannot make the deadline. But if you stay and spend your time on it, well, that is exactly how stress takes over life. The solution is you can plan everything beforehand including your working hours. Unlike everyone, an entrepreneur can decide how he spends time on his/her own without a boss breathing down your neck. And that should depend on how you feel about the job. What matters most? Would you like to take a rest to gain more energy before doing it or you prefer to finish it off first and get rest later. No matter what your choice is. A flexible plan will do you no harm and gives you a lot of room to manoeuvre should a new priority come up.

Get Rid Of Guilt

After a long hard-working day you get a lot done but when you look back there is still more job that needs to be done, you run out of energy but you feel guilty to get a rest or you are just too focus on the job and ignore how exhausted you are. Turns out the result is not as good as you expected if you push yourself beyond your limit. That’s a common problem among entrepreneurs.

Stress and exhaustion can affect the quality of work, you probably know this already. A short break will raise the morale of your team as well as your own energy. Let your team and yourself leave a little bit earlier or maybe take a coffee break are choices to overcome stress and exhaustion. You can choose to work at home in the evening or early morning instead of cramming in more hours throughout the day. Clear your priorities and get some rest, then get back to work.

Be Honest With Yourself and Others

Last but not least is choosing your working hours honesty. Working whenever you want is maybe easy if you are single or have not established a family. But having a family is a whole new level of commitment that you need to balance. Be open and share with your family. Promise that you will spend time with them and keep your words. If you have to work, tell them honestly and help them understand that it is necessary. That way you can get your family involved in the process to help you balance with life. Though it is not entirely healthy to not spend time with your children, at least they will understand and will even support you by not adding stress from worrying.



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