Is self-employment for you?

Like with a lot of things in life you have the advantages and disadvantages, and that’s the same for self-employment. In this video, we have a look to see if self-employment is for you?

In this video we discuss is self-employment for you?

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How to start a business while working full time

How to start a business while working full time

Do you have dreams of running your own business? Not sure that you can stop working full time while you get off the ground? Many people think that this means that you have to give up on your dream of running your own business, but we can promise you that it doesn’t.

There is a way that you can set up your own business while looking after your family and still continuing to work full-time. So, let us show you how.

Make sure it is definitely what you want

As we have already mentioned, starting up your own business, whether you are still working or not, is hard work. This means that you absolutely need to make sure that it is 100% what you want to do with your life. If you are not 100% committed, then you are going to find it much harder, and you might end up giving up before it even gets off the ground. If it is something that you really want, then you are going to push yourself harder and make sure that you never lose focus on where your end goal is.

Always have a clear schedule in mind

When you are setting up your own business, there is going to be lots of things that you have to think about and make sure that you do. When you are still focusing on your work, it can become all too easy to forget about the things that you need to be doing for your business. This means that it makes sense to have a clear schedule in mind, think about what you need to do and when you need to do it by, and this will help you to plan your time, as well as which tasks are most important.



Consider discussing with your boss

This can be a tricky one, as the chances are that you don’t want to let your boss know that you are branching out and away from your job. However, if you are honest with your boss, then this can actually benefit you in the long-term. Chances are, they may have a business mind, which means that you can ask them for advice.

Keep things separate

Of course, this can be difficult to do, but it is incredibly important, especially for your current job, that you keep your business and your work separate. Whilst you can ask your boss for advice now and then, things that relate to your business needs to be kept away from your workplace. Not only will this mean that you won’t be focusing on your work (which still needs to be done), but it can even get you into trouble with your employer too.

Ask for help

It is hard to set up your own business, even if you don’t have a job to think about. So, one thing that you should always do is make sure that you ask for help and support wherever you can. This could be a friend, a family member or even your partner. The idea is that you have someone who is ready and waiting to help you.

As you can see, it might be hard to set up your own business, but it is not impossible. There are things that you can do to make things that little bit easier to bear and get through — hopefully leaving you with a successful business that in turn, means that you don’t have to worry about employment anymore.

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The 3M’s of starting a business

3M’s of starting a business we are going to look at the market, money and marketing.

In this video, I discuss the 3M’s of starting a business

How to set effective weekly goals

Setting a goal is incredibly important for not only your business but also your personal life too. But why is this? What makes setting a goal so important and how can you make sure that you set effective goals?

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How to overcome the major pains of starting your first business

When you launch your first business, you think it’s the greatest thing in the whole world, and you want it to succeed so much. So, how do you overcome the major pains of starting your first business?

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From 9 to 5 to small business owner

One of the most exciting milestones for any new business is getting to the point where you’re ready to quit your 9 to 5 job… and work full-time, on your own business there are some key pieces to the puzzle you need to ensure you have in place first before you make the switch.

In this video, I discuss moving from 9-5 employee to parent entrepreneur.

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How to determine what type of business you want to start?

The independence and idea of being your own boss is alluring. However, before starting your own business and becoming your own boss you need an idea. So how do you determine the type of business you want to start up?

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How to overcome lack of confidence and start a business

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Nobody is born confident you have to start small and work on yourself in order to build it up.
Here are 3 tips to help you build on your confidence and start your business.

In this video, I discuss How to overcome lack of confidence and start, a business.

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10 Side Hustle Ideas

10 Side Hustle Ideas

Whether you are working and looking for the way into building your own business and being able to leave work, or whether you are an entrepreneur looking for some extra gigs, side hustles are a great way of generating additional income streams, and not keeping all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Side hustles are so called as they fit neatly around other commitments, like the day job, but can offer a valuable financial boost, so here are ten ideas to get you started.

1. Sell on eBay

Nice and simple, you can either sell your unwanted items on eBay, or you can build a shop, buying wholesale and selling at a profit. The key to getting sales are quality descriptions, keywords in the title and high-quality photographs. Keep backgrounds white and only show the item, not other random things that happen to be in the shot. Be sure to look at commission structures and the cost of post and packaging and these can drain your profits, but the upside is you can sell pretty much anything as there is a category for most things.

2. Online Tutoring

If you have a degree or equivalent level of education, you will find there is a demand for online tutors. There are several sites that will help you match with potential pupils but remember that they will want a commission in return. You can set this up on your own if you are confident, and there are a range of platforms available that let you live chat, with video. You can either teach your subject or look into English as a foreign language, as this is always in demand.

3. Be a Domestic Goddess

If you have some spare hours and are looking to fill them, why not consider domestic duties. Whether you offer a collection and return service for ironing, or are happy to visit people and clean for them, there is money to be made in taking away these hated chores from other stressed workers. If you have green fingers, this could equally apply to gardening. A great way to get your exercise and make some extra money is to offer a dog walking service. Be sure to look into insurances for public liability.

4. Airbnb

Another favourite way to bring in an extra income stream, if you have a spare room, is to register on Here you will find travellers passing through that are looking for a place for the night or a few nights. It is up to you to set the rules of who you are happy to host, but savvy folk have managed to get their whole mortgage paid each month thanks to this website. There are other sites that run in a similar way so consider registering on all of them.

5. Rent Your Driveway

If you live near a big hospital or near a busy town your driveway could be a potential goldmine. If you have the space, consider renting out your driveway, even better still if you can offer unsociable hours, as places like hospitals often do not have enough staff parking provision, and night workers and shift workers are always on the lookout for places to park. Just remember to make visitors aware, as you cannot charge and then have the space in use when they turn up.

6. Become a Landlord

A tale as old as time, being a landlord is an easy way to boost your annual income. If you can afford to have a second property, you have the basis of a great side hustle. Hand the day to day running to an agency and sit back and watch the passive income roll in. If you are in the market for a property to start this off, student lets are always in demand if you live in a university town or city.

7. Be an Extra

This one is a little bit location dependent, as you do not want to negate your fee by travelling for hours. However, bigger cities are almost certainly going to have various films and television shows being shot, and there are a number of websites that help you find these opportunities. Extras are needed in all age groups, male and female, so do not be put off looking.

8. Write for Money

Writing for money is another great idea. Businesses, large and small, often outsource writing, and freelancers tend to be cheaper than using another company. Blogging is perhaps the most popular job that gets outsourced, but people also look for book writing and web content. Again there are freelance sites like Fiverr and Freelancer that can help you get started.

9. MLM Sales

You will be aware of several MLM companies operating at the moment, if you are not sure then we are talking about things like JuicePlus, Avon, Aloe Vera and many others. You are basically a sales rep for another company and earn a commission on the items that you sell. Often bad mouthed as pyramid schemes, as long as you are aware of how they operate you should be fine. Some will push you to create teams of your own, which in turn earns you more money so might be of interest. Alternatively many will let you sit as a sales rep and just make your own commission. You will need to be outgoing and bold and not afraid of repeating your message over and over, but there is money to be made.

10. Create an App

So this probably requires some upskilling for most people, but mobile apps are huge and do not show any signs of becoming less popular. In fact, this is a growth market. Being an app developer means you get paid even if the app is not a big seller. The person who came up with the idea will make payment on completion of their app. If you have the skill to create apps, then you can also use it to make your own and hope you hit a really popular niche.

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6 Business ideas for parents

Business ideas for parents

If you have always wanted to start a business from home, or you are looking to develop an income stream while the children are younger, so that you can expand on as they grow, but don’t know where to start then have a look at these. We have six business ideas for parents that can either be started from home or worked around school and nursery to help you get your entrepreneurial streak kick into action.

1. Cleaning Business

Whether you find a gig cleaning offices or you find a niche working for people in their homes, cleaners are in high demand. If you feel that going out of the house is not for you, then you can always employ people to do the actual cleaning while you run the office. Lots of working professionals have a cleaner to help make life easier, so check out whether there is any provision in your area and if not maybe this could be your route to success.

2. Mobile Hair and Nails

If you already have skills or are happy to do a spot of retraining, then mobile hairdressers and beauty technicians are also popular. Older people often struggle to get out of the house so having someone to come and cut their hair is invaluable and helps them feel less isolated. Another trend is to have clients in your home but offering the facility to have their children with them. Check out health and safety issues but as the parent remains with the child the whole time you shouldn’t have too many considerations.

3. Freelance Writing

If you really feel that you need to be based at home and have a good grasp of the English language, freelance writers are always in demand. You can write anything from newspaper articles to blog posts, as long as you can write accurately and quickly then you can earn a decent amount of money. It is also something that can be done exclusively online, so if you would rather not have people in your home or have to find childcare to go to work, this could be an option.

4. Web Design

Web design is always a popular skill; many small businesses do not want to pay the extortionate prices that large agencies charge, so having a small freelancer that can help them set up their website is a bonus. Check out the latest platforms as you may need to look at up-skilling before you can get going but the demand is there if you have the skill.

5. Dog Walking and Sitting

Pet sitting is always something that people look for. Whether a client is looking for someone to walk and visit their dogs while they work long days, or whether they have to go away for a few nights and would prefer to avoid kennels. You will need to check out insurance and local authority requirements for boarding dogs in your home.

6. Sales

Whether you have room to keep stock to resell or whether you look at some of the million MLM companies on offer, a lot of people find that selling is the way to go. You need to be sociable, but a lot of interaction is done via social media. Be sure to work with a reputable MLM if that is the route you choose.

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