#PIB58 25 Years of Motherhood

#PIB58 25 Years of Motherhood

Today marks another beautiful milestone in my journey of motherhood. My first born Ramon is 25 years old today, I fell pregnant at the age of 15 and had Ramon at 16. Being a teen mum shaped and made me into the woman I am today.

Soon after that picture in the middle was taken Ramon became ill I knew it was not a cold or flu my mothering instincts told me it was serious. I took him to the GP only to be sent away and told that it was just a viral infection and that I was a young first-time overprotective mum. In my mind and within my body I knew my baby was ill, I persevered and followed my gut and took him to A&E. He was diagnosed and admitted to hospital with meningitis things quickly developed and he was severely ill he had swelling on the brain the doctors were unable to do a lumbar puncture and decided to start treatment for Bacterial Meningitis.

I was terrified worried and thought I was going to lose my child. I never left his side he eventually made a full recovery. I will forever be grateful for the support and love of my family and friends during this time. And I am truly blessed to have a mother who has always stood by me she truly is my queen ❤️👑

By the age of 21, I had 3 children under the age of 5. During this journey, I have learned so much and to name few not being judgemental I for one know what it feels like being judged. Resilience I have persevered no matter what blocks have been put in my way. Gratitude I am truly blessed with 5 awesome children.

Being a mother means more than giving birth to a child. It’s carrying and caring for a life entirely dependent on you for survival. Not to mention the sleepless nights, sickness, the cuts, and grazes. It often means being “mean” to teach them life’s hard lessons.

I will never grow tired of hearing their voices say the word, mum! “Mum what’s for dinner?”, “Mum can I have” but most of all “Mum I love you.” I love the hugs, and I love the kisses.

I have made mistakes, and I have acknowledged, aired them, and learned from them. I have learned to love my new body after each of my children. There has been struggles and arguments, but all is quickly forgotten and forgiven.  I have had to be strong when I have felt weak, and I had smiled when all I wanted to do was cry.

Motherhood is truly a gift the unconditional love is the greatest love I have ever felt. As I look through old photographs, my heart is overflowing with love and happiness.

When I have conversations with my children, I am in absolute awe that they came from me and are mine I am so grateful that God has given me the health and strength to continue to weather the storms of motherhood. As fellow mothers will understand I pray numerous times a day asking God to keep them safe and away from harm. I pray he continues to guide them to make the right decisions.

And as this fun roller coaster of a journey continues I am learning to let go of control (ok I am trying lol)

Just some of my thoughts on my 25 years motherhood anniversary! (If there is such a thing J )  Ramon, Satari, Tianna, Tyrese and Tammy I love you unconditional! Thank you for being your unique individual selves!


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#PIB34 3 Tips to make you a better parentpreneur

3 Tips to make you a better parentpreneur

Being a parentpreneur means that you have plenty to think about. How to run your business, how to increase sales and of course, how to balance all of that with spending time with your family. This episode covers 3 tips to make you a better parentpreneur!

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Tips for single parent entrepreneurs

Tips for single parent entrepreneurs

Being a parent and being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy, but things can get a whole lot harder if you are trying to balance being a single parent as well as creating your own enterprise.

That said, just like many things in life, simply because something is hard, it isn’t impossible.

With this in mind, we have put together some of our top tips for single parent entrepreneurs. Ways that you can effectively run your business, whilst still managing to look after your family.

Make sure you are organized

If you are running a business and taking care of your kids, then your diary is going to be your new best friend. Whether this is a virtual calendar or a good old fashioned write it down approach, you need to be on top of your time.

Realistically look at all the thing that you need to achieve each and every day, both at work and in your home, and use that as your organizational tool, planning out your time.

That way you can be sure to achieve more with the time that you do have.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Even superheroes need a side-kick and single parents who are trying to juggle their time will also need some support from those around them. Even if you are raising your children alone, there is a good chance that you will have a network of friends and family around you to lend a hand.

This could be occasionally picking the kids up from school when you need to attend a meeting, or even helping out with some admin tasks to keep your business on track.

Sometimes you just need to swallow your pride and simply ask for help.

Always try to be positive

There is a good chance that sometimes things will be hard. Try not to let these things get on top of you. Instead remain positive and keep your chin up.

We all face hardships, but it is how we react to them and pull ourselves through that shapes who we are. Remember all the great things that you have going on, and how much of an inspiration that you are for your children, and soon things will seem that much brighter.

Remember that things will change

Nothing stays the same forever, especially in the world of parenting and business. Your kids will get older, and therefore easier to care for and as your business grows you will see the success that you deserve, and you may even be able to expand with more staff members.

You should be flexible and adaptable to these changes and think of them as exciting developments for the future.

Just because you are a single parent, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have career and business aspirations. Instead, you can find a way to balance the two perfectly, giving you the best of both worlds.

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#PIB11 Ways to get your children involved in your business

#PIB11 Ways to get your children involved in your business

When you are a parent working from home and building a business, it can be a real struggle keeping your children occupied while you try and get some work done. For parents who choose to work from home, there are many pros and cons. Listen in to this episode for ways to get your children involved in your business.

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How to make sure that your kids are safe on the internet

How to make sure that your kids are safe on the internet

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has opened up the world and brings people from the four corners of the globe together. Our children simply do not know what life was like before you could simply Google a question.

Whilst this is a great thing, the internet is not without its drawbacks. The virtual world can be dangerous for our children, and you hear plenty of stories in the news about how it has caused some rather shocking repercussions.

This means that plenty of us parents are wary of allowing our children to access the internet. Well, thankfully, there are ways that you can make sure that your children can still see the wonder of the world wide web, without having to worry about whether or not they are safe.

Here are our top tips on how to make sure that your kids are safe whilst they use the internet.

Understand what is out there

You can’t teach your children how to stay safe without understanding what your children will see when they are online. Take the time to explore the internet, either alone or alongside your child. Find out what websites they visit, what videos they watch, and you can learn more about how they behave whilst they are alone.

Talk to them about how to be safe

Children are not stupid, however, sometimes they simply need a push towards doing the right thing. No-one knows them better than you. So, take a moment to sit down and talk to them honestly about the dangers of the internet.

You don’t have to be particularly graphic or horrifying in what you say, but it is important to point out that things may not be what they seem, and it is down to them to be aware of that. Teach them that it is key never to divulge any personal information, and that picture sharing should only be with friends, and of images that they are comfortable with.

Set parental controls

There are plenty of ways that your web browser can work with you to set controls on what your kids can see. Make sure that you take the time out to discover the ways that you can restrict access to particular content.

You should also try and have your computer in a place that is visible to you. Such as in a shared room, that way, you can always keep an eye on what your kids are looking at!

Let them know that you are there

Sometimes kids may feel that they cannot talk to their parents, this is a sure fire way to cause problems. Why not teach them that you are there for them, no matter what the issue is? By creating an open and honest atmosphere with your children, especially around their internet use, you can be sure that they will come to you if they do find themselves in a bad situation.

The internet is a great place, but it can be dangerous. Find the ways that you can keep them safe and they can enjoy the virtual world, without finding themselves in any bad situations.

How To Ask For Help

How to ask for help

“The best advice I can give to anyone going through a rough patch is to never be afraid to ask for help.” Demi Lovato

Asking for help when you are running a business can be one of the most difficult things to do for a number of reasons. We may have been taught that it’s a sign of weakness or we fear we are being a burden to others. I can remember many times during my business journey that I have asked for help whether it be with childcare, practical, or financial help. Sometimes I did honestly fear that people would make the assumption that my life was out of control or I was not coping. I didn’t want people to worry about me.

If you have a fear of asking for help, I would suggest the following advice:

  •  Make a list of the friends and family in your circle who you can ask for help. Highlight the names of those who have offered you help in the past.
  • List the things you need help with such as childcare or practical errands like cooking, cleaning, and walking the dog.
  • Match the names to the particular task you need help with.
  • Find out the person’s availability as to when they can help you.
  • When asking for help, be direct, specific, and realistic about the help you need.

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Remind yourself

  • People love helping others, not only does the act strengthen relationships, it makes the helper feel good about themselves for doing a service.
  • Don’t be a martyr and get over yourself because no one gets anywhere alone. You cannot and should not do everything yourself. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Asking for help clears space for you and frees your time and energy so that you can give focus to more important tasks you need to undertake.
  • When you ask for help and support, you maintain focus and energy and create more flow, making your business journey a more enjoyable one.
  • When you ask for help, you create opportunities for others to share their knowledge and experience.
  • When you ask for help, you allow others to experience the happiness that comes from giving.

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