3 Content Marketing Tips

3 Content Marketing Tips

Content marketing is one of those areas that can tie you in a knot. Every helpful article you read suggests something different, and it can be hard to know what is essential. As a business owner, it is also likely that it isn’t the main focus of your business but a tool to help you connect with new prospects and grow. With that in mind, it is vital that you get it right, so here are three content marketing tips, yes, just three, to get you started. Focus on these and see how much easier it gets to make progress.

Optimise with Keywords

One of the best places to start is to determine what your keywords are. That is to say, what words or phrases will your customers be searching for using Google when they’re trying to find a company that provides your product or service. There are plenty of tools available that can help you determine the best keywords for your sector of the market. You are looking for critical individual words like ‘hairdresser’, ‘salon’, or ‘hairstyle’ alongside what we call long-tail keywords, longer phrases, like ‘hairdresser in Surrey’ or ‘getting a haircut in London’. Once you can establish what your keywords are, you can include them in every piece of content you release to the Internet, from your blogs to your social media posts. You can also use these search terms to produce new content and provide an authoritative answer, such as ‘How do I straighten my hair?’

Check Out the Competition

Very few people are lucky enough to be in an area that has no competitors. Rather than hiding from your competitors, it is better to familiarise yourself with what they are doing. not only can you get insights into perhaps what not to do, but you may get some ideas about what you can do. You may find they have produced an excellent blog about a topic you haven’t thought of, and you can use this idea to write your unique version. Be sure to speak in your voice and create something unique (no copying; this impacts your efforts in a very negative way, search engines frown on plagiarism). It is also worth considering if your name on Instagram is too similar to that of a competitor. If so, you may want to use something like an Instagram name generator to help you rebrand.

Do Some Customer Profiling

Another good thing to focus on is developing an ideal customer profile. You must understand the person that will be shopping with you. Knowing more about them, where they might hang out, what they do for a living, how they like to make decisions and more enables you to target your content more directly. It also means you can spend more time on their favourite social media platforms as this is where you are most likely to connect with them. This profile can be built up by looking at past sales, any issues known as pain points, as you should be aiming to solve these for your customers, and any other feedback you have received as a company. This profiling is essential whether you are a single entrepreneur or have a staff of hundreds.

Content marketing series

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