7 Working From Home Tips For Those With Children

7 Working From Home Tips For Those With Children

When you’re working from home, and your children are around, it can be challenging to stay productive and focus. First things first, create yourself a designated workspace that allows for maximum concentration. Once you’ve created a suitable working area, try taking on board these seven simple tips.

      1 . Start your day early

When you’re working from home, and your kids will be around, it’s helpful to start your day early. Wake up before your kids and try to get as much done as possible before they get up! Having a quiet period where you can totally focus will do wonders for your productivity levels. It might mean going to bed a bit earlier or a few more cups of coffee, but ultimately, you’ll benefit from a head start on your workday!

  1. Create a task hierarchy 

It’s a wise move to create a task hierarchy, listing the most important tasks first to those tasks which can wait. Tackle the most critical tasks first, meaning you’ll be working on these, for the most part, before your kiddies wake up. When you’re creating a task hierarchy, it can help to set time-frame goals. Remember, don’t be too strict on yourself with your deadlines. It’s unlikely that you’ll get as much done as you did at the office. Be kind to yourself, accept the transition, and work with it the best way you can.

  1. Establish your boundaries 

When you’re working from home, and your children are about, it’s helpful to establish clear boundaries. Ensure that your children know the times that they can and cannot interrupt you, establish the situations that are valid and emergencies, etc. It can be useful to use visual clues to help them. For example, make a rule that a ‘closed-door’ means they cannot enter (unless it’s an emergency). You might also like to use signs or color-coded door hangings to represent various situations. Signs can be beneficial if you are working in an open space without a door.

  1. Improve your child’s room 

If you want your children to be able to entertain themselves, it’s worth spending some time improving their bedroom. Invest in practical Nursery furniture and storage units, so they can reach everything they need without help. Create them a cozy corner for reading and relaxation, using a tee-pee tent or a cute armchair. Ensure that they have plenty of toys and technology items to keep them busy. Invest in the perfect bed to make sure that they get the best night’s sleep or can nap easily during the day time.

  1. Build a support network

You may need a little help now and then to look after your kids, which is why it can help to build a support network. Call upon the help of relatives and friends to supervise your children during your busiest workdays. Multi-tasking your work and your children can be a real challenge. With a solid support network around you, you can share the load and de-stress.

  1. Try productivity software 

Staying productive when working from home can be tricky, especially with kids around. To help you to work more efficiently, you may like to check out the following productivity software tools:

  • Rescue Time: Rescue Time is a time management tool that tracks active windows, websites visited, and computer activities. The app provides you with a visualization of your tasks, how much time you’re spending on each. You can create a schedule and attempt to boost your productivity levels.
  • Trello: Trello is an organizational tool that can help you to create a workable schedule, manage your projects, and prioritize your tasks. It’s simple to collaborate with your team or use Trello independently as a freelancer.
  1. Create stations for snacks and drinks

Help your children out by creating self-service snacks and drinks stations; this way, they won’t need to bother you each time they need something. Teaching your kids a little independence is a worthwhile pursuit, and working from home is the perfect opportunity. The sooner your children learn a little independence, the sooner they’ll become more mature and improve their problem-solving skills. Spend a little time teaching your children how to safely get their snacks and drinks (Without making a mess)!

Hopefully, these seven ideas will help you to improve your work-from-home routine. With the right attitude, you’ll create a daily schedule that works for both you and your children. Balancing work and family life isn’t straight forward, but with a little trial and error you can improve your routine.



How Are Small Businesses Staying Afloat Through COVID-19

How Are Small Businesses Staying Afloat Through COVID-19

Business owners are struggling right now. The lockdown left many companies with massive losses in terms of profits and revenue. Some even struggled to open their doors again once the lockdown ended. This is why it’s important to explore the key ways that businesses are staying afloat through the continuing health crisis.

Leaning On Loyalty

One of the first ways that businesses are keeping their doors open is by relying on the loyalty of the customers that they already have. Right now, you might want to consider doing more of this, rather than trying to win over new clients. Winning new clients is going to be more expensive and more time consuming than falling back on customers that you have already claimed. There are lots of ways to gain the interest of loyal customers to your business. For instance, you can use email marketing to provide value directly to them and remind them why they chose your business in the first place.

Credit Options

Next, you might want to explore different credit options for your business. If you are struggling to maintain revenue levels then it’s possible that credit is going to be the only way that you are able to keep the lights on. You might be wary of borrowing to keep your business going. However, it’s going to be a calculated risk. Under the right circumstances, payday loans and similar credit options can be the lifeline that you need. You just need to make sure that you are aware of the interest and when you will need to pay the money back.  The government also provide support for businesses you can view here the Coronavirus (COVID-19) support is available to businesses.


Other companies are surviving simply by reducing the size of their business. One of the ways that you can do this is by cutting down your team of staff. No business wants to reduce staff numbers, particularly when it’s nearing the end of the year. However, there’s no denying that this is ultimately going to end up saving you a lot of money. You might also want to consider operating from home with your business if you are not already exploring this option. It will immediately cut all the costs that your business office brings.


Finally, you might want to consider whether there are any ways that you can reinvent your business this year to ensure that it’s a better fit for the current climate. The obvious example of this would be home deliveries. A lot of stores on the high street are now putting a stronger focus on ensuring that they can deliver to the homes of their customers. While you might not have the team in place to do this, there are logistics solutions that can help. Approached correctly, you can increase your profits, even as you pay for the services of another company.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that you can keep your small business afloat even during this tumultuous time for industries and different sectors. With the right strategies in place, you won’t be one of the next companies forced to close their doors.

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Curating Your Professional Image In The Best Possible Light

Curating Your Professional Image In The Best Possible Light

To the extent that you can, it’s important to curate your personal brand in a manner that helps you feel enthusiastic about what you have to offer. Most of us feel this if it has been left unattended for too long, mostly when attending a job interview. Then all of our skills are laid bare – how well we sell ourselves, how smart we can dress for work, and how personable we may be.

Curating your professional image in the best possible light is a means in which to refine who you are, and how you present yourself in a professional setting. You don’t have to be perfect, of course. A little bit of style and substance is much more important than thinking you have to fit a particular mold. That being said, curating your professional image also means becoming more digestible and impressive to other people.

It’s not about status and blowing people away. We mean to say that a good handshake and confident eye contact is more important than pulling into the driveway in an expensive Mercedes.

Let’s consider what else is important in this setting:

Clothing & Accessories

To be seen as professional you must look professional. This often means that wearing smart clothing is important. From investing in good, well-fitting (this is the most important part) clothes that help you showcase yourself as someone who knows how to put an outfit together is worthwhile. No matter if purchasing shirts, trousers, skirts, ties, blazers, or smart-casual sports jackets and excellent glasses from eyeglasses.com, make sure your arrangement is tasteful, and denotes how you wish to be seen as a professional person.

Stature, Presence, Confidence

Of course, it’s not all about how you look to others through your clothing choices. It’s enough to stand up straight with your shoulders back and greet people forthrightly. Having some presence and confidence about you can seem like a nerve-wracking necessity at first, but this practice is actually quite enjoyable once you keep it up. Learn how to keep eye contact, hold a proper handshake (after Covid-protective norms cease), and to address people by the name you have done your utmost to remember. Little tidbits like this really do matter.

Correspondance & Portfolio

Of course, image is more than just clothes and how good your posture is. We may consider how our website looks to others, and what our portfolio shows. Curating a website with instances of your work, your testimonials, and maybe even a list of the people you wish to be known for residing next to can be a fantastic use of your time – and it may even push you forward professionally. Furthermore, curating your correspondence is a good idea, because it helps you come across more professionally to others. For instance, brevity, that is speaking with import but without using too many words, can be appreciated by those you have to talk to often.

With this advice, you’ll no doubt curate your professional image in the best possible light.

Revolutionise Your Home Business With This Advice

Revolutionise Your Home Business With This Advice

It all starts with an idea. Something that consumes you and spirals out of control in your mind. A business that you think you can bring forward and work towards to make it great. You start, and you can see that this is the right move for you. But working from home and starting a new business has its challenges. After all, you are just one person with a dream. So what can you do? Here are some of the ways that you can revolutionise your home business.

Keep it running even when you are not around

One of the big things that people come up against when it comes to having a home business is not knowing whether they can be present at their business 100% of the time. The main thing to remember is that you are one person, and there will be times when you are sleeping or away from it, but yet your business still needs to function or be seen. This is when using things like chatbots, or live chat options can help. You can get further information online, but it can enable things like frequently asked questions to be responded to in real-time. You could also look at improving SEO on your website to ensure that it is seen in search engine results all of the time.

Have a dedicated area to work

When working from home, it is hard to distinguish between working and home life, and this is when it can get difficult, so creating a dedicated area to work can be the answer. You may want to have an area of your home where your computer and paperwork can live, or even turn a room into an office if you have the space. This allows you to step away from work and keep a bit more control between working life and home life.

Productive time management

Time management is key when you have a business from home. You may think that you have all the time in the world, but in actual fact, you can be counterproductive, especially when there are distractions. Understanding when you work more productively is key. This might be in the mornings, at night, or when children are at school, for example. The more you manage yourself with time and use it more effectively, the more you will feel you get done.

Value your own time 

Finally, make sure that you place a value on your time. You are one person, after all, and often cannot do everything, especially as your business progresses and expands. This is when outsourcing can prove valuable. You can look at using an outsourced person or freelancer for anything from social media management to website development. Focus on the areas where you can make the most difference. You might also want to look at employing someone in the future to handle aspects of the business that need focus and attention, such as accounts.

Let’s hope that these tips help you to revolutionise your home business.

Purchasing A New Car? Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of

Purchasing A New Car? Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of

It’s very possible to be taken advantage of in any form of sale or purchase, but the effects of this are perhaps much worse when it involves a vehicle we have bought. After all, most people rely on their cars as a vital means of transportation and often transport their families with them.

This means that vehicles that are in worse condition than described, or perhaps paying over the odds for a vehicle that isn’t worth such a pricepoint can feel so much more insidious. To counteract this, learning the most you can about the particular make and model, how to carefully inspect a vehicle when you come to purchase it, and learning how to spot a deceptive salesperson can be important.

But how can you practice these skills in the best possible context? To what degree will they work? And what do you do when in the presence of a suspected shoddy seller? With the following advice, we hope you can find out more easily.

Speak To Verified, Reliable Dealers

Speaking to reliable and verified vehicle dealers can help you avoid feeling nervous when walking into a dealership, and ultimately coming away with something anything less than perfect for your needs. This is why the best local Audi dealer will often ask you questions and help you feel comfortable browsing for a vehicle – they know this should be enjoyable, and fully informative. Finding the best-reviewed dealer in your local area can be a great start, as is speaking to those dealerships dedicated to preferred brands as we have already suggested.

Understand What Additions You Need

It’s a good idea to consider what additions you need as part of a potential vehicle going forward. This will help you avoid being upsold. It might be that you do have use of a carbon fibre addition, or differently textured seats, or more. However, if you’re not sure if you need or do not need these, it’s quite easy to be upsold and end up coming away with a more expensive vehicle than you may have wished for. If you understand just what your limits are, and what additions you may or may not need (through prior research), you can be more direct with your decision-making.

Consider Your Practical Uses

What will you use the vehicle for? It’s fine if you’re not 100% sure about what vehicle you most wish to drive, or what manufacturer you’re most fond of, but you likely know what kind of driving habits you’ll use it for. What prior driving experiences have you had? What models in the past have helped you make use of these driving habits in the best manner? Are you looking for a new experience, or to completely replicate the old? Are you moving to a more mountainous area? The questions specific to you can determine the vehicle you ultimately drive off with.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily purchase a new car, all while avoiding the chance of being taken advantage of.

5 Ways To Protect Your Employees During These Unprecedented Times

5 Ways To Protect Your Employees During These Unprecedented Times

Running a business has never felt tougher. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a great deal of disruption to companies in virtually all sectors. While those issues have impacted various aspects of the ventures, protecting people is one of the biggest challenges. Aside from the commercial elements, it’s a matter of human and social responsibility.

Here are five simple but effective ways to ensure that your employees are cared for. In turn, this should work wonders for their morale and productivity levels too.

1) Consider Remote Working

Thousands of businesses have used remote-based employees in recent times as a direct response to COVID-19. Even if it is now possible for things to return to how they were, the remote working model may be for the best. When employees work from home, they cannot spread the virus. Moreover, having a percentage of the workforce ‘off-site’ allows you to keep in-house teams safer too. After all, social distancing is a lot easier to practice when ‘on-site’ teams are reduced by 50%.

2) Invest In The Right Equipment

When dealing with health and safety on your work premises, prevention is the best form of protection. Finding wholesale face masks for sale instantly increases the company’s hopes of containing the virus. Crucially, it’s a key step to keeping staff members in a positive frame of mind. Additional PPE items may be purchased to upgrade the protection levels. Anti-bacterial gels are another particularly wise investment. They will help clients and visitors as well as your staff. Do not underestimate their worth.

3) Upgrade Digital Security

Whether it’s on-site staff or remote workers doesn’t matter. The percentage of business interactions taking place via modern tech is greater than ever. This is something that cybercriminals are actively trying to target. Not least because they know people are unprepared. This transition towards a different way of working has caught a lot of businesses. If yours fails to implement the right firewalls, password management, and security features, it could fall victim to an attack. Be sure to make training a key concept too.

4) Reduce Customer Interactions

Client interactions will be one of the greatest threats to your sales staff. While this cannot be an excuse to abandon good customer care, you can adapt to the situation. Using mobile POS terminals with contactless payments is vital. It instantly cuts down on the need to handle money or get too close. Other features may include an online or telephone booking system for restaurants, dentists, and any service. It protects guests and staff members alike. If it’s a change you’ve been considering, now is the time to do it.

5) Invest In Sanitisation

Putting the right PPE tools and precautionary measures in place will reduce the risks. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you take the right steps to remove any presence of the virus from your workspaces. Chemical cleaning and sanitisation must become a part of your daily operations. There are plenty of companies that can do this for you, although in-house management is often equally as good. Either way, it should be supported by habitual changes like binning tissues immediately.

Do these five simple things, and your employees will feel safer than ever.


The 4 Tools You Must Have To Run Your Business Remotely

The 4 Tools You Must Have To Run Your Business Remotely

Until the Coronavirus pandemic, the idea of running your business remotely was an after-thought. You liked the freedom it provided, as well as the flexibility and independence, yet you preferred to keep employees in-house. After all, it suits most leaders’ management styles – it’s easy to communicate and inspire confidence in-person.

Of course, in times of a crisis, you don’t have any choice. If you want to survive, you must adapt and operate differently, and currently, this means managing your team virtually. While it’s tough, it’s not impossible to be successful as long as you invest in the correct tools.

Continue reading for more.

Managed IT Services

Working remotely during a crisis is similar to running a website – it can’t go offline. Once you experience downtime, you’ll lose your ability to lead and ensure your employees are productive. Not to point the finger at your staff, but it’s easy to slack off when you realise that your boss can’t keep tabs on your workload. The likes of Innovated IT offer popular solutions, yet you might not believe that you require an outsourcing service. You do, especially if you don’t have any expertise or experience in the sector. Even something as simple as integrating common software programs is challenging.

Video-Calling Programs

One of the reasons that video-calling programs are critical to remote-based companies is the fact that they maintain morale. This Forbes post points out that 87% of remote workers feel they are connected to their employers through video conferencing, which is a significant figure. Of course, choosing which software to implement isn’t a walk in the park. The key, regardless of whether you opt for Zoom or Microsoft Teams, is to train your employees. If you wing it and attempt to figure out the software over time, it’ll only lead to unnecessary glitches.

The Right Workers

Sadly, some people are going to lose their jobs because a global health and economic crisis isn’t without casualties. As tempting as it is to sack or make redundant the people who will save the most money via their salaries, you should take the opportunity to remove the employees who aren’t the perfect fit. You’re going to require workers with the right attitudes that are ready to pitch-in and sacrifice for the cause. Anyone who isn’t prepared to lend a hand isn’t going to make working virtually straightforward. You can analyse their personality traits with this Inc list.

A Can-do Attitude

Things are going to be tough for the foreseeable future. Nobody says it will be easy; however, you shouldn’t let this get you down. Just because processes and procedures don’t work to begin with doesn’t mean they won’t become smoother and less hassle in the future. You have to work hard and attempt to gauge the features and properties that make life worse. That way, you can eliminate them and (hopefully) see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep your head up as there will be issues, but you will surmount them with time.

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5 Strategies for Running a Business

5 Strategies for Running a Business

Running a business is tough. There is a lot that you need to think about, so many different things that come into play. When you are a parent business owner, it’s even more challenging. You have to combine all of the responsibilities of your business with trying to be a good parent to your children.

So, understandably, having some tips and tricks to help with all of this is a godsend for most parent business owners. We have put our heads together and come up with five strategies for running a business, so let’s take a look at all of them here and now.

#1 – Automatically Updating Software is Your Friend

As a parent business owner, there is a high chance that you are going to be working with a lot of technology. This is the 21st-century after all, and with that comes a lot of incredible leaps and bounds in resources that can help with everyday tasks.

However, finding software which will automatically update for you is highly recommended. You don’t necessarily have time to check a system or update an inventory list every day, but if you can do that automatically with the help of a computer program, you’ll save a lot of time and effort. Thankfully, a lot of programs offer this already.

If possible, use things like Google Docs and Sheets, because they update their content regardless of which device you use. You can go from your phone to your computer and the information is up to date.

#2 – Never Underestimate What You Can Do For Yourself

One of the most significant challenges that a parent business owner will face is money. You are trying to generate an income to look after yourself and your family, and at the same time pay for your bills and expenses. Therefore, you will naturally want to spend as little money as possible to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

There are a lot of things that you can do for yourself to save money. Creating SEO rich content for a website that you’ve made, using social media platforms to promote yourself, marketing your business without the aid of a third-party – these are all money-saving strategies. If you can learn to do something for yourself, then it is a good idea to try.

As a helpful benefit, everything you do for yourself is another skill. It’s good to have when you want to branch your services out.

#3 – Time Management is Critical

Your time is precious. When you are trying to look after young children, your time is even more precious than normal. So you have to be ruthless about how you split your time between the office and the home, and what you allow yourself in the way of time to do menial tasks.

Quite a few entrepreneurs approach their day-to-day routines with a certain lack of urgency. They do what they can, they don’t really have a schedule in place, and this works when they don’t have any other responsibilities. You do, so you need a rough idea of what you have to accomplish each day, how much time you have to do certain things, and making sure that everything in your domestic life has been taken care of at the same time.

It’s all about cultivating that work-life balance and spending enough time with your kids. Expansion is nothing if you don’t have the time for the important stuff in life.

#4 – Have an Expansion Plan

If you are going to grow as a business, and expand as a parent entrepreneur, you have to have a plan. You need to have a goal, a place where you’re trying to get to, a position in your life that you are aiming for, and it has to be realistic, achievable, and have a defined timescale.

An expansion plan is often quite a fun thing to do, simply because you can set whatever goal you want. You can reach whatever height you think is appropriate, so long as it’s achievable and feasible. But you need an expansion plan if you’re going to think about doing anything remotely connected to growing your business as a parent entrepreneur, because it’s so easy to get stuck.

#5 – Network as Much as Possible

As a parent entrepreneur, you are part of an exclusive market comprised of thousands of other people who are in exactly the same position as you. Despite what you might think about rivalries and the cutthroat world of business, this is good. It means that you have plenty of opportunities to network, and to promote yourself to other people.

Now obviously, you have to be careful when it comes to networking. It’s all about picking the right people to ingratiate yourself with, doing things tactically. It’s not a point in going fraternising with another writing service if you’re also a writing service, because you’re just rivals. However, if you go and work with graphic designers, musical creators, marketers, you develop a whole selection of contacts which will help you. You might even be able to do little favours for each other.

Networking is vital. So many people don’t, and then they can’t move forward as a business because they’re trapped in a bubble of isolation.

Closing Thoughts

Growing as a business isn’t easy. A lot of people try every year and fail. But you can do it. You have the focus, the commitment and the drive to succeed. But most importantly, you have strategies to help you succeed.

Everything you do in life needs that all-important direction. You can’t hope to succeed if you aren’t thinking about what it is that works for you. You have so many chances to succeed and so many potential options. Fortune favours those who are prepared to go after what they want with both hands. If you can do that, then you can quite easily move forward. Remember, it’s all for the kids, so if nothing else, do it for them!

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Are You Prepared For These Business Issues?

Are You Prepared For These Business Issues?

Do you ever worry about some of the business pitfalls you could face? Here are a few common problems along with the right solutions.


Hacks are an issue that a lot of business owners think only impacts the massive companies. It’s understandable why you might assume that’s the case. After all, when we hear about hacks in the media, it’s usually on a company like Disney, Sony, or Equifax. But that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses aren’t targeted. They can be, for one reason. Criminals assume that these businesses won’t have the right level of security in place. You don’t want to prove them right here. You need to make sure that you are protecting your company. There are a few ways to do this, but antivirus software is a smart place to start.


Injuries have been causing expensive issues for businesses for years. Indeed, in the UK, there have been debates about whether to change the law so that it is far more difficult to file a personal injury lawsuit. This is due to the fact that UK firms, in particular, are being inundated with claims. The amount that you could have to pay through this type of lawsuit differs. It depends on the extent of the injury and the ramifications it could have for the individual. However, it’s not uncommon for the damages to exceed one hundred thousand.

Now you might think that this is a problem that is really only going to affect large businesses with multiple employees working in a factory or an office. But it’s not just employees that could get hurt. It could also be a customer or client. Let’s say that you meet a client in a coffee shop and they trip over a strap on your bag. If this happens, you are liable. That’s why exploring liability insurance options on a site like https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/ could be a smart move for your company.

Bad Reviews

You may also want to think about issues with reviews in your business. Bad reviews can cripple a company. Particularly when you consider that more than 80% of customers will check reviews before they commit to purchasing a product. If you have bad reviews, it’s important not to leave them to fester. You must take action and ensure that you can correct the situation. Sometimes, this is just a case of responding to the review in question and ensuring that your customers feel as though they are being listened to.

Tax Trouble

It’s time to pay the taxes for your company, but are you prepared? Do you know how to ensure that you are accurately recording your levels of profits? Do you know the deductions that you can make for your business? These are important questions to ask because if you slip up here, you could underpay your tax. This can leave you in a difficult situation where you suddenly owe thousands. The good news is that you can avoid this as long as you hire an accountant. They’ll take care of this issue for you and keep you on the right track. You can learn more about paying business tax on https://smallbusiness.co.uk/.

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3 Things That Every Budding Parent Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

3 Things That Every Budding Parent Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

Being a parent entrepreneur is a challenge for many. You have to try and juggle the complexities of raising a child with the equally stimulating challenges of running a business. A lot of people want to start down this pathway, but they don’t know what they need for success.

In fact, what a lot of people don’t know is that there are three critical things which people need for success, and budding parent entrepreneurs should definitely make sure they have acquired all of these before they start down the difficult route of running a business. Let’s take a look at them together.

A Stable Career and Free Time

One of the first things that you are going to need is a stable career and some free time. A lot of people recommend that jumping into the world of entrepreneurship is not something you do unless you have a stable plan. As tempting as it can be to quit your job and focus entirely on your business, if you don’t have a good income, you’re going to put yourself and your family in jeopardy. What we recommend instead is that you gradually build an entrepreneurial business over time, while working your other job, so you can continue to support your family while you get the business off the ground. When you can make a similar sort of income from your business, it’s the right time to quit that job.

A Proper Schedule

If you’re going to even stand a chance at successfully running your own business, you need to have a good schedule in place. If you’re going to balance raising kids while running a business, you have to make sure that you have your day planned before you even start. You need to know how are you going to keep the kids entertained while you’re working, who is going to pick them up from school when you will stop work to sort out dinner and look after them. There are so many little considerations that people just don’t think about, and what this means is that there is this unfortunate sense of confusion in chaos which really can play havoc with the lives of budding parent entrepreneurs.

Patience and Discipline!

Being a parent entrepreneur is difficult. This is going to be one of the most challenging things you’ve ever had to do, because not only are you looking after your kids, but you’re trying to support your entire family through a business. You need to have patience and discipline. You have to be disciplined enough to get on with things when you need to, and you need to have the patience for when things aren’t going your way.

Overall, these are just three of the things every budding parent entrepreneur should have. It’s definitely difficult to maintain a sense of balance in your life when you’re trying to run a business and raise kids, but if you’re sensible about it, and you understand what the important things in life are, you’ll definitely see success.

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