#PIB17 Update

#PIB17 Update

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Making Time for Family Fun

Making Time for Family Fun

When you run your own business, chances are that you will feel that there simply isn’t any time left for anything else.

This is especially true during those early days when you will want to put everything into making sure that your dream is a success.

However, if you are trying to establish a business, alongside raising a family, life can become much more of a balancing act.

On one hand, you will be focused on your end business goal, and making that a reality, but on the other, you will want to be able to concentrate on and make time for your family.

But how do you do both?

We have put together some simple ways that you can make sure that you spend quality time with your family. Without it impacting too much on running your business.

Make sure you have dinner together

It may not be the most fun part of the day, but it is definitely a part of the day that you can spend together. You can talk about your day, ask questions, or simply just enjoy the quality time together, as well as a delicious meal.

Get your kids to help you with your daily tasks

Not a big fan of some of the household tasks that you have to carry out? Why not see if your kids can get involved? Need to do some gardening in the house? Give them a spade, Have some painting that needs doing? They will love getting messy with a paintbrush. If you feel that you don’t have as much time to spend with your kids as you would like, you will find ways to still spend time with them.

Try to do the school run as often as you can

One of the benefits of running your own business is that you can work the hours you need to. This isn’t always possible for some businesses of course, but if you can arrange to pick up the kids from school at least twice a week, they will look forward to those days and that little bit of extra time with you.

Schedule in a monthly day out

You can often find that you spend your time rushing around and that quality time as a family is few and far between. If this is true, then make sure your diary has one day a month that is scheduled as a family day. Go to the beach, visit the zoo or pop into a museum. Whatever you do for the day, do it with your family.

Turn your phone off

If you are planning on spending some time with your family, then make sure that you do this. Whether it is a day out with the kids or a dinner with your partner. Turn off the phone, ignore the emails and concentrate on those important people instead.

It is possible to balance running a business with spending good quality time with your family. It is simply a case of knowing when to do each one and making sure that you schedule in time for your family.


3 Things That Help You Work From Home Effectively

3 Things That Help You Work From Home Effectively

Working from home can be a great thing. It is perfect for achieving a work-life balance and cuts down on time spent commuting or travelling.

That said, working from home can also be difficult. There are plenty of distractions around to stop you from focusing on all the things that you need to get done, and you also rely solely on yourself for motivation.

So, how do you make sure that you work from home as effectively as possible? Here are 3 things that can help you to work from home.

A clearly defined working space

If you are finding it a struggle to work from home, then perhaps you need to give yourself some space to think and work. You may not be blessed with a spare room that you can work in, but chances are that you will have a spare corner that you can set up a desk for you to sit at during working hours.

It is a good idea to decorate this space a little differently to other parts of your house. Perhaps have a calendar and whiteboard on the wall by the desk, which shows you that you are at work and need to focus. You can also take advantage of the power of plants, they brighten up the space and detoxify the air around you, which will help you to feel healthy and be motivated to work.

A to-do list

You should never underestimate the power of a to-do list. Having all of the tasks written down that you need to do will give you focus on the tasks at hand. You will also have some idea of how you can plan out your day and what you need to do. Not only this, but there is nothing more satisfying than being able to tick off the tasks that you have finished, creating a visual tool to help focus on what you need to complete.

The way that you create or display your to-do list is down to you. Have it hanging on the wall, make a fancy spreadsheet or simply scribble it down in your diary. The main thing is just to have a list put together.

Still, try to communicate with the outside world

Working from home on a regular basis can feel like you are completely isolated and separate from the rest of the world. Communicating with those outside is key. If you are invited out for a coffee with friends and you can free the time then accept. Not only will it help you to keep on track with your friendships, but it will make sure that you take a good break from your work too. This break will help you to focus when you get back to your desk and also make you feel great too.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to motivate yourself when you work from home, just make sure that you follow these top tips and you are likely to find yourself getting absolutely everything done that you need to. All from the comfort of your own home.


5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills

Time management is a skill that many of us could improve on. This is especially true if you spend some of your time working from home, where you will need to make sure that you are more disciplined and focused on what you need to do.

As this isn’t something that comes naturally, we have put together 5 smart ways to improve your time management skills and make sure that you utilise all of the time that you have each and every day.

Always start the day prioritising work

You should always start your day by looking at the tasks that you have to do. List them as those that are less important, to those that require your immediate attention and focus. Know which tasks are time critical, and that need to be completed that day, and identify the ones that can be carried forward for the next day.

This will give you a clear focus and make sure that you get the work done that you need to.

Schedule your work, home and personal tasks

Even the best of us can fall victim to procrastination from time to time. This is even truer if you work from home where you are surrounded by things that need to be done. It isn’t easy to ignore housework, but it is a good idea to try and schedule in the time that you are going to do it. Planning on making a cup of tea? Load the washing machine while the kettle boils. Need to hoover? Get it done whilst your lunch is cooking.

By making sure you know when you will get those tasks done, you won’t be tempted to wander off and do them whilst you are supposed to be working.

Focus on one thing at a time

How many times have we heard ourselves say that we are good at multitasking? We often think that being able to juggle a wide variety of things is a positive thing. But the truth is, that multitasking can often hamper the way we manage our time. Rather than trying to split our focus on a variety of different tasks, we should focus on one thing at a time. This means the task will complete much quicker and you can move onto the next thing that you need to do.

Give yourself a break

It is vital that you take breaks during your working day. Otherwise, you will find yourself burning out and losing focus on the task at hand. Whether it is a 10 minute walk, a quick listen to music or a spot of exercise, giving yourself a break is a necessary part of time management.

Don’t give yourself too much to do

Sometimes having too much to do can lead you to feel that you are overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed can mean that you simply give up on the tasks that you need to do. It is vital that you learn to say no, and give yourself realistic targets, otherwise, you could find yourself not getting done what you need to.

Managing your time effectively is a key part of having a successful working day. So, make sure that you know the basics, and you will be sure to get everything that you need done.

#PIB16 Share your journey: Rhiannon Abbott

#PIB16 Share your journey with Rhiannon Abbott

Rhiannon Abbott married mother of one shares her journey, after leaving her job in 2012, Rhiannon decided to try something truly different and signed up for a Bread Angels micro bakery course. Whilst doing the course she not only learnt about baking bread but also how to set up her own micro bakery (small-scale production) from home. Rhiannon was bitten by the baking bug, she established The Epsom Bakehouse in early 2013 and built a loyal following selling delicious fresh bread at the Epsom Farmers Market.

Today, she passes on her skills through a range of bread making courses. She teaches hands-on techniques as well as the importance of fresh bread made from simple ingredients. She started the classes because she really enjoyed teaching, Rhiannon teaches a two-day course for those considering setting up their own bread micro bakery from home – as well as bread baking, covers the basics of establishing and marketing a business from home.

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3 Tips on how to make the most of a working weekend

3 Tips on how to make the most of a working weekend

Weekends are highly valued by all. Just the thought of a weekend approaching is enough to drive people wild, partying or excited. After a dedicated week of work, people may still feel the urge to do something meaningful with their weekend other than idling around and letting such precious time go down the drain. Besides that, the modern world has become immensely competitive and setting time to work on weekends may in one way or another, be a stepping stone to success.

Implementing working plans on a weekend is usually a hard task, almost unachievable. However, there are a number of tips to ensure that you make your working weekend plans a reality.

1) Proper planning

Everyone knows the difficulty of implementing ideas without first planning and organising. Lack of proper and appropriate plans leads to a wasted weekend, in that one ends up doing absolutely nothing related to work. It’s important that you first acquire a diary in order to formulate a means of planning and scheduling their weekend well. You can opt to divide the weekend into various periods of time depending on the duration you intend to work.

Thereafter, you can allocate each period a task. Duration set should have strict time limits. Time limits you set should be reasonable and realistic. In addition, they should never be dishonoured. Remember that honouring your plans is equivalent to honouring one’s self and vice versa.

As a parent, your children look up to you as an example. Time limits play a huge role in helping you avoid the act of procrastination. It’s also advisable to share your plans with your family members who may, in turn, help you observe deadlines.

While planning is of importance in coming up with a work schedule, creating a reminder will go a long way in helping you adhere to the schedule.

2) Avoiding distractions

Distractions may include social media, catching up with friends, negative influence and focusing on other things other than what you have planned for. Most distractions make you shift energy into other things other than work. This may lead to tiredness and wastage of precious time. It’s important for you to draw a clear line between serious work and other engagements not scheduled for. It’s important to remember that success in your family life comes through work and proper organisation. In as much as your children or other family members may be distractions to work, it’s advisable that you know how to strike a balance between the two. If you plan to work a weekend try and plan in advance so you can arrange childcare. Besides that, you can opt to engage your family members in your work for an effective division of labour so that no one disrupts the other from work until it’s complete. All in all, you should set priorities and learn to say “NO” when need be.

3) Avoid overworking

Take breaks to relax, recharge the brain and meditating between your work is recommended. You can have breaks of jogging, cooking or sharing jokes with your children. Remember the saying hard work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. In addition, taking breaks between work also assists you to review your performance. Besides that, relaxing helps you anticipate getting back to work.







#PIB15 The importance of self-care when running a business

#PIB15 The importance of self-care when running a business

This episode covers the importance of self-care some of us parents need to make self-care more of a priority. Like just think for a moment when did you last do something for you!

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How to handle being judged in how you run your business

How to handle being judged in how you run your business

We are judged all the time no matter what. Those judgments could come from our partners, our customers, our staffs…Frankly, everyone on Earth makes judgements, even you. Who you are, what you stand for, what you did, what’s your history…everything related to you is on the radar of judgment. Somehow, judging other people make us feel better but we don’t always understand that it can have negative consequences. If you think about it, you will realise that you judge people as much as you get judged by them.

But being judged by other people is never a good feeling. It makes us angry, stress, and compromises confidence. Worst case, it can damage your mental health and destroy your career. So how could we get rid of that? Will you try to make everybody love you? Or try to overcome that judgement and live a happy life. An easy choice for some but difficult for others as it all comes down to a personal approach.

You cannot make everyone happy, that much is true. And the quantity of judgement you get will only increase exponentially as your business grow. Instead of that, make yourself happy. Live your life as it should be. Be a generous leader and set a good example for your staff. Let people understand your true personality and the jealousy and the fear of judgments will disappear in no time. People will never stop to gossip, so why should you try to swim against the current?

What is the secret to coping with it then? If you genuinely think it is unfair and it is doing damage to your business then you can talk to them. But before the talk, make it clear that your intentions are to learn and to understand not to blame someone. You have to be genuine and express that you are willing to listen. No doubt the final decision is always yours, you decide if what they think about you is worth your time or not. But make up your mind only after listening to their reasons not coming to conclusions immediately.

The best option though is to take it as a lesson and improve from what you can gather as constructive feedback. There are 2 types of judgements, malicious and constructive, the latter is actually very useful for the development of your business. Malicious feedbacks is completely unavoidable especially if you run your business through the internet, you will quickly learn that people can be nasty for absolutely no reason. Your best choice here is to ignore. However, if you feel that the judgement is actually constructive, you can take it to heart and listen to their concerns. This way, you can transform the negative energy that judgement creates into something positive fueling the growth of your business.

Another thing you should observe is that judgements always have a purpose and are always rooted in some form of negative experience the individual has towards you. This doesn’t always have to be related to the subject of judgement and could have been built up from a collection of negative experiences in the past. There are many psychological and sociological studies by universities aimed at understanding the root of our judgements, usually, it has to come down to jealousy or personal insecurity which can even be completely unrelated to your business at all!

To conclude, judgements are unavoidable, and as your business grows you will have to deal with it more and more. Do not swim against the river, but rather swim towards the current. Confronting the source of judgement may risk worsening the issue so it is always better to be the bigger person and take it constructively (or ignore if it’s malicious). You should also remember that sometimes you feel that someone is judging you but it may actually not be the case! Some people just talk like that and they may actually mean well!

#PIB14 3 steps to take to become more assertive

#PIB14 3 steps to take to become more assertive

This episode is going to give you 3 steps to become more assertive that are actionable that you can implement into your life today.

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How to choose your own work week no matter what you do

How to choose your own work week no matter what you do

As entrepreneurs, we all dream of a work-life balance plan. But is it even possible? That’s a million dollar question and the answer depends from person to person. Many people take that as a priority when thinking about starting their own business. The more you spend on your business, the more you earn, but the less you “live” so what is the point of earning? A typical schedule of eight working hours, eight for sleeping and eight for social relations, hobbies other activities does not always work out. Too many situations that can’t wait happens every day, even at night and especially when you own a business. So how should a business owner like you spend the time to work? Instead of an unrealistic plan, you could give yourself a forgiving approach to a work-life balance.

Set Priorities, Not Boundaries and Keep Everything Flexible

Fixed working hours will make you exhausted in no time. Try to adjust your working time based on priorities, not boundaries. For example, there is a new project requiring more than 10 hours working time per day for a few weeks. No way you could just leave it there and go home at five because you will soon realise that you cannot make the deadline. But if you stay and spend your time on it, well, that is exactly how stress takes over life. The solution is you can plan everything beforehand including your working hours. Unlike everyone, an entrepreneur can decide how he spends time on his/her own without a boss breathing down your neck. And that should depend on how you feel about the job. What matters most? Would you like to take a rest to gain more energy before doing it or you prefer to finish it off first and get rest later. No matter what your choice is. A flexible plan will do you no harm and gives you a lot of room to manoeuvre should a new priority come up.

Get Rid Of Guilt

After a long hard-working day you get a lot done but when you look back there is still more job that needs to be done, you run out of energy but you feel guilty to get a rest or you are just too focus on the job and ignore how exhausted you are. Turns out the result is not as good as you expected if you push yourself beyond your limit. That’s a common problem among entrepreneurs.

Stress and exhaustion can affect the quality of work, you probably know this already. A short break will raise the morale of your team as well as your own energy. Let your team and yourself leave a little bit earlier or maybe take a coffee break are choices to overcome stress and exhaustion. You can choose to work at home in the evening or early morning instead of cramming in more hours throughout the day. Clear your priorities and get some rest, then get back to work.

Be Honest With Yourself and Others

Last but not least is choosing your working hours honesty. Working whenever you want is maybe easy if you are single or have not established a family. But having a family is a whole new level of commitment that you need to balance. Be open and share with your family. Promise that you will spend time with them and keep your words. If you have to work, tell them honestly and help them understand that it is necessary. That way you can get your family involved in the process to help you balance with life. Though it is not entirely healthy to not spend time with your children, at least they will understand and will even support you by not adding stress from worrying.



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