Parents in Business Magazine Issue 10

Parents in Business Magazine Issue 10

Welcome to the Parents in Business magazine

Where has the year gone? It’s that time of year again, and it’s come round quicker than ever. This is the last issue for 2020. And it’s packed full of guidance from industry experts and inspirational stories from real-life parent business owners.

Joanne Dewberry explores why networking is still key for small businesses. Consumer PR expert Fiona Minett gives practical, actionable steps on how to get your business seen this Christmas.

This issues special feature focuses on social media and why it’s so important parents share with us their top social media tips.

We are shining the small business spotlight on Donna Anderton  Donna Herts Social.

We have inspirational interviews with Sunita Harley, a mother of 2 who is a Coach and Professional Development Consultant, Lucky Things®.  John Hudson, CEO of Hudson Procurement Group and Tommy Balaam, Founder of Captain Fantastic, who speaks about how his business was affected by COVID and how he has had to change his business model to adjust.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business or own a business, the Parents in Business Magazine offers the best advice to support you on your business journey.



Shona Chambers is a Marketing Consultant and owner of Shona Chambers Marketing, a Marketing Agency based in Nunhead near Peckham. Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers with their Marketing.

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 Joanne, Author, Sage Business Expert and multi-award-winning, 30 something coffee lover lives in rural Dorset with her long-suffering partner and three children. When she isn’t writing or networking, she is partial to a bag of crisps and a crime drama.




Kimberley Mason mother, wife, and chocoholic. Kim is an event specialist, businessperson, compere, and presenter. Born in North Yorkshire and now living in Staffordshire, she’s passionate about empowering people through events. After the COVID-19 pandemic also delayed the initial launch of The Kids’ Festival, Kimberley is committed to delivering it even bigger and better in 2021.




Fiona Minett is a Consumer PR Expert and long-time supporter of small business.  She spent six years running Peachy PR, an agency specialising in working with small businesses and start-ups and helped her clients make their mark through canny PR.  Now, she wants to help you do the same.




Jacquie Lawes is a branding expert and designer with over 15 years expertise in product branding, from visual merchandising and creative content production to branding identity and packaging design. Jacquie works with other creative females entrepreneurs and product based businesses to take you from feeling like a hobbyist to having a successful business doing what you love and attracting the right clients with a luxury brand experience.


3 Reasons Why Branding Is Important For Your Business

3 Reasons Why Branding Is Important For Your Business

As a business, you have to think about branding in the most important way. Branding can literally be everything to a company, which is why if you don’t get it right, you may notice that you start to fall behind.

To try and convince you of the importance of branding, we thought we would take a look at three ways that branding is, without question, one of the most important elements of your business.

  1. Branding = Recognition

Branding is absolutely vital for your business because it is how you generate recognition for your company. You want your consumers to identify your brand based on an image or a logo, something which is quick and easy to remember. This logo becomes the face of the company, so it’s really important to have one.

Think about the logo for Apple devices. It is recognisable, it’s simple, and it has become synonymous with iPhones and iPads all across the world. That is an example of branding at its best, providing the company with an instantly recognisable trademark.

  1. Branding = Business Value

Branding is a very helpful tool to have available when it comes to generating future business. The business value of your company will increase if you have a recognisable and very strongly established logo or brand.

The brand of your business will help to increase your value and make sure that you have a stronger presence within your industry. This, in turn, opens up the business to potential investment opportunities and makes sure that customers will pick your company over a rival.

  1. Branding = Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is definitely one of the most important things that you need to be thinking about as the employer. Your company has to perform well, even in the most challenging situations, and if you are a branded company, with a logo that is recognisable and quite well-known, this does have an effect on employees.

An employee will definitely be motivated to do better work, try harder, and to take more pride in the fact that they are working for a prestigious brand. Think about the creators of Apple devices, for example. These are people who are working for one of the most influential technology brands on the planet, and that’s going to have an impact on their overall efficiency and workplace satisfaction.

In conclusion, it’s not difficult to see that branding is one of the most important things for your business. Branding provides you with massive benefits if you properly implement it into your everyday routine, but this is where people fall down just a little. Unfortunately, what a lot of people fail to do is provide the type of branding that will ultimately set them apart from rivals in the industry. It is your job to create a brand, stand by it and heavily promote it, so whenever people pick up one of the products that you sell, they instantly know that it’s yours and that it is well designed, built for a purpose, and highly effective. That’s the dream that you want to aim for.

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Revolutionise Your Home Business With This Advice

Revolutionise Your Home Business With This Advice

It all starts with an idea. Something that consumes you and spirals out of control in your mind. A business that you think you can bring forward and work towards to make it great. You start, and you can see that this is the right move for you. But working from home and starting a new business has its challenges. After all, you are just one person with a dream. So what can you do? Here are some of the ways that you can revolutionise your home business.

Keep it running even when you are not around

One of the big things that people come up against when it comes to having a home business is not knowing whether they can be present at their business 100% of the time. The main thing to remember is that you are one person, and there will be times when you are sleeping or away from it, but yet your business still needs to function or be seen. This is when using things like chatbots, or live chat options can help. You can get further information online, but it can enable things like frequently asked questions to be responded to in real-time. You could also look at improving SEO on your website to ensure that it is seen in search engine results all of the time.

Have a dedicated area to work

When working from home, it is hard to distinguish between working and home life, and this is when it can get difficult, so creating a dedicated area to work can be the answer. You may want to have an area of your home where your computer and paperwork can live, or even turn a room into an office if you have the space. This allows you to step away from work and keep a bit more control between working life and home life.

Productive time management

Time management is key when you have a business from home. You may think that you have all the time in the world, but in actual fact, you can be counterproductive, especially when there are distractions. Understanding when you work more productively is key. This might be in the mornings, at night, or when children are at school, for example. The more you manage yourself with time and use it more effectively, the more you will feel you get done.

Value your own time 

Finally, make sure that you place a value on your time. You are one person, after all, and often cannot do everything, especially as your business progresses and expands. This is when outsourcing can prove valuable. You can look at using an outsourced person or freelancer for anything from social media management to website development. Focus on the areas where you can make the most difference. You might also want to look at employing someone in the future to handle aspects of the business that need focus and attention, such as accounts.

Let’s hope that these tips help you to revolutionise your home business.

Habits to Improve Productivity

Habits to Improve Productivity

While running a business and perhaps working from home are goals many of us aspire to, it also means that there is a much bigger pressure to motivate, time manage, and keep our productivity going. If you do have a home office, there are many distractions which can easily take your attention, and even if you go to work in a different location being the boss means it is easy to make excuses and perhaps not be as productive as we should be. Don’t worry, you’re not alone it happens to most people at some time, but we can develop some new habits that will help to improve productivity so read on.

Remove Temptation

Let’s start with the obvious one, most of us have our social media accounts signed into our phone, our computers, and this can be a serious distraction. It is important that we are disciplined enough to put away our personal communication tools and focus on our business instead. By all means, check your social media and catch up at coffee time or lunchtime, but otherwise, you need to be strict and leave them alone. There are apps available, for example, self-control which can block various programmes like Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube that may be proving distracting during office hours.

Move Your Day Earlier, or Later

Most people are either early birds or night owls, musically and learning which one you are can help you add hours of productivity to your day in just a few minutes. Functioning in the morning is not my favourite task, so I reserved this time for exercise and meditation. The payoff for that is working into the evening but psychologically rather than seeing this as a chore I have just restructured my day to better suit my own working style. If you are an early bird, see if you can get up a bit earlier and get your chores and other bits done, so you’re at your desk ready to go.

Plan Your Day

Rather than seeing what happens, it makes more sense to try and plan your day, or even your week. Again, there is plenty of software available from full-blown project management like Trello to something simpler like Todoist, which enable you to track your tasks and prioritise them. Being organised apps with productivity and also offers you a sense of satisfaction as you take items off the list when they are complete.

Don’t Skip Breaks

This can be really tempting when you are mega busy, but it’s also a really bad idea. In order for the brain to work well, it needs fuel, and this means you have to eat throughout the day. It is also better if these can be healthy meals with fruit and vegetables rather than something pre-prepared, commercially produced and grabbed on the go as you race down the High Street to catch the post office. High carb lunches can also create a slump a couple of hours later where you really feel like you just want to go to sleep. So, have a lighter, more protein-based lunch, and you should find yourself more awake. Remember to drink plenty of water, as although caffeine may offer a short term boost it is actually dehydrating, which is not good for the brain.

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Purchasing A New Car? Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of

Purchasing A New Car? Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of

It’s very possible to be taken advantage of in any form of sale or purchase, but the effects of this are perhaps much worse when it involves a vehicle we have bought. After all, most people rely on their cars as a vital means of transportation and often transport their families with them.

This means that vehicles that are in worse condition than described, or perhaps paying over the odds for a vehicle that isn’t worth such a pricepoint can feel so much more insidious. To counteract this, learning the most you can about the particular make and model, how to carefully inspect a vehicle when you come to purchase it, and learning how to spot a deceptive salesperson can be important.

But how can you practice these skills in the best possible context? To what degree will they work? And what do you do when in the presence of a suspected shoddy seller? With the following advice, we hope you can find out more easily.

Speak To Verified, Reliable Dealers

Speaking to reliable and verified vehicle dealers can help you avoid feeling nervous when walking into a dealership, and ultimately coming away with something anything less than perfect for your needs. This is why the best local Audi dealer will often ask you questions and help you feel comfortable browsing for a vehicle – they know this should be enjoyable, and fully informative. Finding the best-reviewed dealer in your local area can be a great start, as is speaking to those dealerships dedicated to preferred brands as we have already suggested.

Understand What Additions You Need

It’s a good idea to consider what additions you need as part of a potential vehicle going forward. This will help you avoid being upsold. It might be that you do have use of a carbon fibre addition, or differently textured seats, or more. However, if you’re not sure if you need or do not need these, it’s quite easy to be upsold and end up coming away with a more expensive vehicle than you may have wished for. If you understand just what your limits are, and what additions you may or may not need (through prior research), you can be more direct with your decision-making.

Consider Your Practical Uses

What will you use the vehicle for? It’s fine if you’re not 100% sure about what vehicle you most wish to drive, or what manufacturer you’re most fond of, but you likely know what kind of driving habits you’ll use it for. What prior driving experiences have you had? What models in the past have helped you make use of these driving habits in the best manner? Are you looking for a new experience, or to completely replicate the old? Are you moving to a more mountainous area? The questions specific to you can determine the vehicle you ultimately drive off with.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily purchase a new car, all while avoiding the chance of being taken advantage of.

Four Tips To Outsource Successfully For Your Business

Four Tips To Outsource Successfully For Your Business

Outsourcing the right way is important to make it a successful venture for your business. No matter where your business is, it can always benefit from using the resources that come from outsourcing, so here are four tips to outsource successfully for your business.

Think About What You’re After

Firstly, you want to consider what it is that needs outsourcing before you go looking for it. There’s pretty much anything and everything out there whether you’re looking for an individual to take on the work or a company. There are lots to consider, and one thing to factor in that will help you decide what needs outsourcing is what wastes the most time and resources in-house? There will certainly be a number of things that staff members are doing, and that might be taking up more of their time than is necessary. With that being said, that might be the perfect thing that can help you as a business to free up the time you didn’t have and find different areas of the business to re-focus it on. Look at what’s working for you and with your workforce and what is the best outsourcing to other companies or individuals in order to lighten the load somewhat. Check it out to see one example of a product that you could outsource.

Assign A Budget

A budget is an important aspect to cover for whatever element in business, and outsourcing is significantly cheaper than having to hire someone full-time or even part-time within the business. When you’re hiring internally, you’re making yourself more responsibilities, and financially, you might not want to be tied in, in that way at this point. Look at what you can offer as a budget for this outsourcing and that way, you can find the right options out there that are going to match what you’re after but with what you can afford.

Compare Companies/Individuals

The next important thing that’s worth doing is comparing companies and individuals when picking through your options. You don’t want to rush into finding someone but then to realise that you probably could have found someone more affordable or experienced than the one you have. As much as you can have more freedom and flexibility, every time you make the wrong decision in outsourcing, it means wastage in time and money.

Be Wary Of Needing To Change To Full-Time

Outsourcing is a great way of a company saving money in the short-term and long-term if it’s a job that doesn’t need that much attention. However, there are cases where an outsourcing task will build up to the point where it becomes more expensive than actually hiring someone full-time. Be wary of that happening so that you can make that transition sooner, rather than later. It means you won’t be wasting any more money than you have to when it comes to outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a great option for your business, so take advantage of it.

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Making Your Money Work For You

Making Your Money Work For You

Making enough money to sustain your family and your business is hard. No way around it; it’s a simple fact of life. In today’s ever-fragile economy, practically nobody is safe from the effects of coronavirus on the world economy, and jobs are more at risk than they have been since the 2008 financial crash. Due to this fact, many business owners are paring down and becoming more careful, more frugal, and playing it safe. While playing it safe is sometimes necessary to achieve your goals and stay financially risk-free, making your money work for you takes guts, and isn’t for the safe-players.

What Does ‘Make Your Money Work For You’ Mean?

Making your money work for you means investing it. Money invested in assets means it can expand as the asset accumulates value. Take your home, for example. When you bought your home, it was worth what you paid for it. In ten years’ time, with good maintenance and the occasional renovation, it will probably be worth more. You have invested money in an asset which has then grown in value, and therefore the money you earn from selling the house will turn a profit. This is called return on investment or ROI. Your wealth has built up over time, simply by being invested in a valuable asset.

How Do I Invest If I’ve Never Done It?

Your home is only one example of a plethora of investment opportunities out there. Investment in assets doesn’t stop at homeownership; assets can also include land, cars, jewellery, or shares in a company. Many people own shares in the company they work for or have strategically invested in small businesses which are on the rise. Take Netflix, for example: if you had invested $990 in Netflix shares when it went public in 2002, you would now be sitting on $340,956. You didn’t go out and graft for that money, it simply increased over time, as the value of the company it is tied up in began to rise.

Of course, it’s not usually that simple. Buying shares or investing in cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, for example, is a risk. You are not guaranteed to get any return on investment, and if the business fails, you will lose money. That is why those new to the business should take advice from companies who use safe channels, such as Forex Trading, to invest. As well as this, it is important to start small, building up your investments once you gain experience and knowledge in your field of investment.

How Do I Get Paid From Investments?

This depends on the type of investment you have made. If your home is your investment, you will be paid either by selling it or letting it out to a tenant. If you buy shares in a company, you will be paid each year in dividends. Stock and cryptocurrency investments fluctuate, and depend on the channel you invest through.

Making your money work for you is an incredible way to sustain your income and help you achieve your financial goals!

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5 Ways To Protect Your Employees During These Unprecedented Times

5 Ways To Protect Your Employees During These Unprecedented Times

Running a business has never felt tougher. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a great deal of disruption to companies in virtually all sectors. While those issues have impacted various aspects of the ventures, protecting people is one of the biggest challenges. Aside from the commercial elements, it’s a matter of human and social responsibility.

Here are five simple but effective ways to ensure that your employees are cared for. In turn, this should work wonders for their morale and productivity levels too.

1) Consider Remote Working

Thousands of businesses have used remote-based employees in recent times as a direct response to COVID-19. Even if it is now possible for things to return to how they were, the remote working model may be for the best. When employees work from home, they cannot spread the virus. Moreover, having a percentage of the workforce ‘off-site’ allows you to keep in-house teams safer too. After all, social distancing is a lot easier to practice when ‘on-site’ teams are reduced by 50%.

2) Invest In The Right Equipment

When dealing with health and safety on your work premises, prevention is the best form of protection. Finding wholesale face masks for sale instantly increases the company’s hopes of containing the virus. Crucially, it’s a key step to keeping staff members in a positive frame of mind. Additional PPE items may be purchased to upgrade the protection levels. Anti-bacterial gels are another particularly wise investment. They will help clients and visitors as well as your staff. Do not underestimate their worth.

3) Upgrade Digital Security

Whether it’s on-site staff or remote workers doesn’t matter. The percentage of business interactions taking place via modern tech is greater than ever. This is something that cybercriminals are actively trying to target. Not least because they know people are unprepared. This transition towards a different way of working has caught a lot of businesses. If yours fails to implement the right firewalls, password management, and security features, it could fall victim to an attack. Be sure to make training a key concept too.

4) Reduce Customer Interactions

Client interactions will be one of the greatest threats to your sales staff. While this cannot be an excuse to abandon good customer care, you can adapt to the situation. Using mobile POS terminals with contactless payments is vital. It instantly cuts down on the need to handle money or get too close. Other features may include an online or telephone booking system for restaurants, dentists, and any service. It protects guests and staff members alike. If it’s a change you’ve been considering, now is the time to do it.

5) Invest In Sanitisation

Putting the right PPE tools and precautionary measures in place will reduce the risks. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you take the right steps to remove any presence of the virus from your workspaces. Chemical cleaning and sanitisation must become a part of your daily operations. There are plenty of companies that can do this for you, although in-house management is often equally as good. Either way, it should be supported by habitual changes like binning tissues immediately.

Do these five simple things, and your employees will feel safer than ever.


How to Start a Side Hustle With Little or No Money

How to Start a Side Hustle With Little or No Money

So, you want to start a side hustle, but you just don’t have the cash for it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of people who all struggle to get their side hustles going because they don’t have a lot of capital to back up their venture.

It’s not the be-all and end-all though. Truth be told, you can still have a perfectly good side hustle with little or no money to use – you just have to know how to be clever about it. Thankfully, we’ve got some top tips.

Check For Free Platforms and Resources

A lot of people do something which involves a skill. That much is fairly obvious – your side gig needs to be profitable, therefore you need to know vaguely what you’re doing.

Thankfully, if you’re dealing with a quantifiable skill, then it’s a lot easier to try and make it all work. What a lot of people don’t realise is that there are a lot of free resources out there. Websites, free platforms, places where you can get yourself started. There’s a lot of places like these out there on the web, and they’re all ready for you to join.

Assess What You Need to Work

Understanding what you need to actually work on your side hustle is so important.

Let’s look at a specific example. If you were a writer, what would you need to get started writing blogs or articles for people? Well, you’d need a way to type your content out – Google Docs is free to use and has a word processor.

It’s all about knowing what you need to work and finding it. There’s enough free resources for people to get going with pretty much any side hustle, so long as they’re careful about what they look for.

Build a Network 

Networking has always been an important part of any career choice, and just because you are doing something smaller on the side, that doesn’t mean that you should stop networking.

If you take the time to build a network that will provide you with business contacts, then it’s possible to get things without having to spend masses of money. Offering one service in exchange for another is mutually beneficial to both parties, so building up a network of contacts is never a bad idea.

In conclusion, the amount of money that you have available to you does not dictate how well your side hustle will perform. It’s very easy to get started on a side gig without having vast amounts of capital to put towards it. It’s just about being clever and analysing potential opportunities as they come out. There are numerous free resources on the Internet which are frequented by thousands of people every day, and they can be just as effective for you as they have been for them. It’s just a case of taking the time to look at these resources and see if any of them will be useful for your needs.

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The 4 Tools You Must Have To Run Your Business Remotely

The 4 Tools You Must Have To Run Your Business Remotely

Until the Coronavirus pandemic, the idea of running your business remotely was an after-thought. You liked the freedom it provided, as well as the flexibility and independence, yet you preferred to keep employees in-house. After all, it suits most leaders’ management styles – it’s easy to communicate and inspire confidence in-person.

Of course, in times of a crisis, you don’t have any choice. If you want to survive, you must adapt and operate differently, and currently, this means managing your team virtually. While it’s tough, it’s not impossible to be successful as long as you invest in the correct tools.

Continue reading for more.

Managed IT Services

Working remotely during a crisis is similar to running a website – it can’t go offline. Once you experience downtime, you’ll lose your ability to lead and ensure your employees are productive. Not to point the finger at your staff, but it’s easy to slack off when you realise that your boss can’t keep tabs on your workload. The likes of Innovated IT offer popular solutions, yet you might not believe that you require an outsourcing service. You do, especially if you don’t have any expertise or experience in the sector. Even something as simple as integrating common software programs is challenging.

Video-Calling Programs

One of the reasons that video-calling programs are critical to remote-based companies is the fact that they maintain morale. This Forbes post points out that 87% of remote workers feel they are connected to their employers through video conferencing, which is a significant figure. Of course, choosing which software to implement isn’t a walk in the park. The key, regardless of whether you opt for Zoom or Microsoft Teams, is to train your employees. If you wing it and attempt to figure out the software over time, it’ll only lead to unnecessary glitches.

The Right Workers

Sadly, some people are going to lose their jobs because a global health and economic crisis isn’t without casualties. As tempting as it is to sack or make redundant the people who will save the most money via their salaries, you should take the opportunity to remove the employees who aren’t the perfect fit. You’re going to require workers with the right attitudes that are ready to pitch-in and sacrifice for the cause. Anyone who isn’t prepared to lend a hand isn’t going to make working virtually straightforward. You can analyse their personality traits with this Inc list.

A Can-do Attitude

Things are going to be tough for the foreseeable future. Nobody says it will be easy; however, you shouldn’t let this get you down. Just because processes and procedures don’t work to begin with doesn’t mean they won’t become smoother and less hassle in the future. You have to work hard and attempt to gauge the features and properties that make life worse. That way, you can eliminate them and (hopefully) see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep your head up as there will be issues, but you will surmount them with time.

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