How To Balance Event Advertising With Family Life

How to balance event advertising with family life

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a brand new business or you are trying to boost sales for an existing product, it’s important to attend events. Advertising at events is a great way to get the name of the brand out there, to market a product or service face to face and it’s an excellent opportunity to reach out to a broader audience. However, event advertising does take up a lot of time if you give it your all. This includes preparing for the event by designing artwork and gathering materials, as well as attending the event itself and following up on leads. It’s something that can take away from the time you spend with family if you don’t find the right balance. Luckily, finding a balance is possible.

Balancing Event Advertising With Home Life Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

A lot of people assume that balancing event advertising with home and family life is out of the question, but it doesn’t need to be. Rather than becoming overwhelmed with the amount of time that event advertising often requires, do everything that you can to find a balance. This will leave you with more time to relax at home and enjoy family life. Here are a few ways to get started.

  • Use a Professional Printing Service – A lot of hard work goes into designing a fantastic banner for an event, but there are ways to make the entire process a lot easier. Once you have the design sorted, enlist the help of a professional printing service. Not only can you rest assured, knowing that the printing process is being taken care of by an experienced and skilled team, but you will also have more time to focus on family life. Rather than worrying about whether or not the banner will be printed to a high standard, you can spend time unwinding at home with loved ones. There are some printers that offer a quick turnaround, such as pull up banners | 24-hour turnaround available, meaning that you don’t need to worry about anything too far in advance. Though you will want to avoid leaving things until the last minute and risk being without any advertising materials, you can rely on a professional printing service even when the event is right around the corner. There’s really no need to take on everything yourself and miss out on family life, not when there are professional printers offering affordable and high-quality services.
  • Design Artwork Using Banner Templates – There are a lot of things to think about when you are designing advertising artwork, which can make the process a lengthy one. Not only do you need to think about the design itself and what you want to include on a banner or poster, but you also need to think about the layout and colours. This can be a difficult task for someone with design experience, let alone someone who is trying it out for the first time and is unsure of what to do. To speed up the process and to have more free time for family, use a banner template. A banner template makes designing artwork for advertising a lot quicker and simpler, as there is no need to worry about getting the dimensions or sizing wrongs. With a template, you have a lot more creative freedom, and you don’t need to worry about getting the design wrong. You’ll be able to submit it to the printers, knowing that it will work and look great. You can turn your rough ideas into a fantastic design, knowing that an artwork template will stop you from going too far off course. There is a tonne of templates to choose from, which means that there’s something for every designer and every business.
  • Only Attend Important and Relevant EventsThere’s no shortage of events for you to attend as a business, regardless of the industry that you are in. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to attend them all. It’s challenging to balance event advertising with family life, but this only increases when you attend more events than you need to. There are a lot of benefits that come with attending events, such as raising brand awareness and networking. Saying that this is only worthwhile if you are attending events that are relevant to your business and what you are offering. There is very little point in attending an event that focuses on a different industry or an event where your potential customers are unlikely to be. It’s a lot easier to balance event advertising with family life if you are only making time for the events that really matter.
  • Don’t Take Advertising, Events and Networking Home With YouThough it can be difficult to leave a task unfinished and to switch off at the end of a busy day, it’s an important part of finding the right balance between work life and home life. Even if you are spending time at home and with your family, this time is only quality time if you leave the stresses and strains of event advertising at work. In order to balance everything, you need to set aside time and dedicate yourself to family life. This could involve unwinding at home, or going out for a delicious dinner or heading off on a day trip somewhere local. There’s very little point in making time for family, only to spend that time networking on LinkedIn or tweaking artwork.

As you can see, balancing event advertising with family life is not easy, but it is definitely possible. There is a lot of help out there – such as enlisting professional printing services, only attending important events and using a design template – and so finding a balance is doable. Event advertising is an important part of operating a successful business, and it’s a fantastic way to gain customers, but it’s not something that needs to impact the time you spend with family.

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What Does It Cost To Start A Home Business?

What Does It Cost To Start A Home Business?

A home business can be very pricey on your limited budget; if you’re running a company out of your own home, it’s because of the flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. But even then, things can easily go over budget if you’re not prepared or if you have the wrong idea about your finances.

But you don’t always have to be caught off guard. You deserve to walk into your new enterprise with your eyes wide open, and plenty of resources on your side. So, in order to help smooth this process through a little more, here are some questions to keep in mind while you do your research.

More Than You Expected?

Of course, it varies from business to business. Depending on the kind of company you want to set up, there’s going to be different kinds of fees and agents involved, and who knows how long you’ll be paying them off, damaging your bottom line.

You’ll have to register your business first of all, which could range from about £10 upwards. Sure, that doesn’t seem like much at all in the moment, but the ensuing costs can really add up – make sure you look into these as well. You might have to use a private office to do this, and that’s where the costs start to stack up.

More Than You’ve Gathered in Investments?

If you’re going to be running a business of your own, even out of your own home, it might be worth looking into capital (in the form of both venture capital and angel investors, etc.) to back you up. After all, if you can engage an investor’s interest, there’s a good chance your ideas will work well on the market.

But what should you ask for? When you’ve piqued someone’s interest, and they’re ready to open their chequebook, what figure should you quote? It all depends on how much you’re already worth, and what kind of company you’re running. You also have the option to try out a Fast Loan, if you fancy running a little more independently.

More Than is in Your Savings?

And finally, you’ve always got your own savings account to back you up. There’s always going to be a little bit of money in there, for a rainy day or otherwise, and you might be able to put it to good use here.

But how much? Try to keep at least a safety net of £3000 in there, if you have the money to do that, and use the rest of the money to fund your home business. Otherwise, you could always use a low-interest loan from a close source to help bridge the gap, and use what you have in your savings to make sure you can make the repayments down the line. You keep your savings for now and get more money on top which you know you’ll be able to deal with.

Prepare for your home business costs, because they do really add up.

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How to overcome the fear of starting your own business

Many people dream of starting a business, but let the fear of failure stop them turning their ideas into a business preferring to stay in a job they don’t enjoy or a job that offers no flexibility around their family rather than following their dreams and passions because fear holding them back.

In this video, we discuss ways to overcome and conquer fear.


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4 Ways to Avoid Business Money Worries

Running a business can be stressful, and one area that often causes us anxiety and sleepless nights is the financial side. Entrepreneurs have the freedom that comes with not being employed, but there is no financial security of a payslip each month, paid holiday and time off when sick. Here are four ways to put that stress monster to sleep and avoid business money worries.

  1. Get Insurance

This is the basic one; most people have some form of indemnity insurance in case a customer raises a serious complaint, but what about you? Loss of earnings from sickness can be really unbalanced, and you need to be mitigated against this happening. Life insurance and critical illness is one thing, but what if you have a smaller medical issue that stops you working? Look into the different policies and if needs be seek advice from a financial advisor. There are ways to replace monthly income if the worst happens and you need to stop working for a while.

Book recommendation You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth

  1. Know Your Books

An accountant is great and worth their weight in gold, but you need to understand what is going on. Knowing your cash flow as it comes and goes will help you feel more in control of your financial status. So, don’t just blindly hand things over, ask for monthly reports, understand when money arrives and what invoices you have to pay. This gives you the opportunity to plan for drier spells and make arrangements with creditors if needed, which in turn can help you save penalties if you need to make a payment late occasionally. People prefer and open dialogue to staunch silence and no money coming in, so make sure you act as you would wish to be treated.

Book recommendation Profit First Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

  1. Save Money

Does your business really need an external premise? Many people save thousands by working from home. If you have a virtual presence and rarely meet your clients in person having an office space could well be a waste. Coffee shop meetings are perfectly normal, and no one will question your reasons. Working from home also saves on the temptation to go and buy lunch or expensive takeaway coffees which can soon rack up the spend. It may only be little, but everything you can save will help. Consider making your own website or trading services with a web designer to get a better deal. The only limit to saving money is your imagination and creativity.

  1. Consider a Side Gig

There are lots of ways to bring in a little more cash in a passive way, or even in an active way, and we call these side gigs. With an entrepreneurial brain, you are likely to be able to turn your hand to more than one thing. Passive solutions include renting your driveway as parking, pet sitting or selling on eBay. There are plenty of others, so you are bound to be able to find something that appeals, and it can be useful to have a change and focus on something different for a while.

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How To Retain A Great Team

How To Retain A Great Team

If there is one thing that your business needs, that is people. Having the best employees at the heart of everything that you do can make the difference between success and failure. But when it comes to getting staff in to do the job, you will want to know that anything that you put into their training and development will not be wasted if they choose to take their skills elsewhere. Staff retention is something that every company should keep in mind. Although some companies have honed their business model to a point where it doesn’t matter who is doing the job, as long as someone is; having an approach to your business that appreciates the members of your team will ultimately save you money in the long run.

There are many ways that you can improve staff retention in your business, and this is something that you should develop a strategy for as, in most cases, poor retention can be costly. You can calculate the ROI of performance management software in order to understand the true cost of hiring new staff has on your business, and the difference in spending more time on your team can help. Here are a number of ways that you can improve the retention of staff in your business.

Make Your Business Somewhere That Staff Are Appreciated

If you create a happy place for people to work, then they will want to work there. You can do this by ensuring that everything is dealt with in a positive way. Have all of your management teams learn how to give positive reinforcement. Encourage them to thank their workers as many times as possible throughout the day.

Know-How To Incentivise Your Staff

Everyone is different, and you should be finding as many ways as possible to motivate your staff. Work out what types of incentives your teamwork well with, and create achievable targets that will provide them with the opportunity to earn something extra. This may come in the form of a cash bonus, vouchers, time-off in lieu, or in other prizes. You may need to mix it up, and make sure that it is inclusive and not something that is designed for just a select few to achieve.

Encourage Growth And Development

Every few months you should sit down with your team members and review their performance. Make sure you focus on the positives, and where improvement is needed; that feedback is constructive and supportive.

If your staff can progress in any way, this will motivate them to stay. This may mean the opportunity for progression, either through promotion, or additional responsibilities. Reviewing your team members’ pay is also going to help them to want to stay too.

Pay Them What They Deserve

Everyone deserves to earn enough money that they can survive. Often, the minimum wage does not really cut it in terms of providing a suitable livable income. By providing an income that shows your staff that you respect them and that you care for them, you are likely to be able to keep them.

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Is It Time to Streamline Your Business?

Is It Time to Streamline Your Business?

Streamlining can be a way of making your business more organised and easier to manage. This involves putting things in one place and getting rid of things that aren’t necessary. Here are just a few ways in which you can streamline your business.

Centralise digital information

When it comes to documents and files, it’s not uncommon for some businesses to have them spread out over multiple programs and devices. This means having to switch between these programs and devices to find the file you’re after. There are lots of ways of centralising your information in one place. Storing everything on the cloud can be an easy way of making it accessible from any device. Meanwhile, programs like can help you to integrate different types of documents in one place.

While doing this, it’s worth also digitally decluttering – this could involve deleting files and software that you don’t need. Tasks such as cleaning up unused icons on your desktop could make your digital information feel tidier.

Tighten up your supply chain

Having lots of suppliers to keep track of can also get confusing. Consider whether there are ways of tightening up your supply chain to make things simpler. For instance, rather than using different insurers for different insurance schemes, you could find it easier (and cheaper) to take out a business insurance package as found at

Another option could be to outsource a supply chain management company. These companies can take care of paying all your suppliers, condensing all your outgoing costs into one monthly bill.

Consolidate your debts

If you have lots of business debts to keep track of, it could also be worth finding a way of streamlining these. A consolidation loan can be used to pay off all your debt, condensing all your debts into one monthly payment from one lender. Sites like have more information on consolidating debt.

Offer less products/services

You could also consider streamlining the products and services that you offer. If you run a restaurant and you have a large menu, it could be resulting in more ingredients needing to be stocked and more training for your employees. By focusing on a smaller number of dishes, you can reduce the overall workload. When choosing which products and services to focus on, try to think of the products and services that sell the best. Also try to hone your skills by focusing on products and services that make the most of your existing talents.

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You have a business idea now what?

So you are at the point where you have a business idea, but you’re not sure what to do next. I get it.
Life is hard, and it’s especially difficult when you feel stuck in a situation. Simply because you can’t decide what to do next.

In this video, we discuss what to now you have a business idea.

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Job Skill Shortage: BioCoders

Job Skill Shortage: BioCoders

Companies like SynBio.INFO are making it their mission to build an army of BioCoders due to a distinct lack of skills in the area of BioTech. The company is focused on the design and construction of new biological elements, including whole organisms, cells, genetic circuits, and enzymes. This innovative field is where technology meets biology.

The only trouble is that there are not enough people who are developing the skills necessary to work in this area, which is why the company has adopted a strategy to change this. Job description examples differ when it comes to BioCoders. BioCoding is all about the language of life!

BioCoders are few in number in the present day and age. This means that they tend to be snapped up by the big companies, which means the start-ups and academic labs that really need them are unable to get their hands on the necessary talent. This is causing a real problem and a lack of efficiency and innovation for these companies who need the required tools to speed up their work processes.

The issue is that there are those that have the necessary skills to be a biologist, and then there are exceptional software engineers, but there are very few people that have bridged the gap. Cross-training is difficult, as the two disciplines are quite removed from one and other, and there is no common language between the two. Most biologists do not understand how to build the tools that are required to help themselves. On the other hand, the majority of software engineers cannot comprehend the issues faced by biologists. Plus, with no plan to create a workforce to bridge the skills gap by any organisation or state, the outlook seems rather bleak.

Some companies have made it their responsibility to come up with a plan for the creation of a training programme for people to learn about becoming a BioCoder. The sole aim of this training would be to create a group of adept software experts that have the ability to generate premium quality software with ease to help biologists expedite their work both in and out of the lab. The SynBio.INFO proposal aims to help people in the tech sector achieve a fulfilling biotechnology career while benefiting the biotech field as a whole by ensuring tools are developed that will expedite the design, build, and test cycle. If that was not enough, it will also lead to indirect value for individual laboratories and companies, as they will be able to recruit the professionals they need to advance their business. Moreover, it will certainly lead to the creation of new businesses, labs, and testing centres.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is something that will be beneficial to all segments of the life sciences. If a workforce is competent in both modern software engineering practices while also knowledgeable in biology, they will ensure that complicated workflows are simplified and problems are broken apart.

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What to do when you feel vulnerable in business

When you feel vulnerable, it needs to be addressed because so many people feel powerless and anxious.

In this video, I discuss what to do when you feel vulnerable in business

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How To Prioritise Yourself And Work At The Same Time

How To Prioritise Yourself And Work At The Same Time

There are so many benefits to running your own business, it is why so many parent entrepreneurs start new businesses while looking after small kids, and it is the reason many people get their own business established before the children arrive on the scene. However, once you have both you might suddenly discover that time is not such an easy beast to manage, so just how can you priorities yourself and your work at the same time?


Although it is hard to plan when you run your own business, it is much hard to have to try and work reactively. You might not know exactly what is coming, but you will have a fair idea. I tend to start my day with a peppermint tea and my inbox, move onto another set of tasks that occur daily, the after-lunch start working through the new projects. In the afternoon, I check my emails twice rather than react to each one as it comes in.

Day and Night

Your working day has to have an endpoint. It is all very well thinking you can check in during the evening or keep trying to work while cooking dinner with the other hand but the fact is all that will happen is you will become a stressed and underproductive unable to concentrate on either home or work. If you prefer to have some hours off in the day and work evenings, this is, of course, fine and suits many people better, but the important take away is to make the distinction on times and stick with it.

Trade-Off With Flexibility

On occasions, you may find that you plans clash with the needs of your client, and if there really is no way around it, you might have to make tweaks to your time. If you absolutely need to be in the office when you planned not to be, try and trade-off that time to yourself. It is important you balance your needs with your business needs; otherwise, you risk burning out or getting sick.

Hire Help

Help comes in many different ways, and if you do not want to get involved in the rigmarole of staff, why not consider freelancers and outsourcing. Freelancers have their own business and provide specific skills like bookkeeping or graphic design. If there is a skillset you are missing, meaning it would take you hours to get the job done, consider outsourcing it to someone who does it for a living. The help doesn’t have to end with the business; there are plenty of self-employed cleaners and domestic help that can help you restore a work-life balance by taking the pressure off at home. Self-employed freelancers take care of their own taxes and are accounted for as your subcontractors you have no ’employee’ commitment to them.

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