How to Choose a Business Name

How to Choose a Business Name

Picking a business name is one of the most important things you’ll do when it comes to your own company. Knowing what kind of business name to choose for the best results is critical, which means you need to consider a wide variety of factors.

Thankfully, we know exactly what to do when it comes to choosing a good business name, so we’re going to share some of our wisdom in the form of helpful tips and tricks.

Be Descriptive 

If you’re going to pick a business name, it needs to be descriptive. Ideally, people need to know what you do from the name of your business.

With that being said, there are conditions and things to think about. You don’t want to be too specific if you want to branch out in the future, so whatever name you come up with needs to be future-proof. You also don’t want to be too vague because that will mislead people. It would be best if you struck a delicate balance by considering carefully what you want your business name to say about you.

Be Simple 

If you look at successful businesses, you will know that their names are usually just one or two words. Amazon, Tesco, eBay. These are popular businesses that all have straightforward names that are pretty easy to remember. It’s essential to look at the business name for your company in the same way. Anything that you create needs to be pretty easy to remember and generally as simple as possible.

One to two words is generally the best because people can remember the name without too much difficulty.

Don’t Copy

It can be tempting to try and piggyback off a competitor for a name or tap into something generally well used in the industry, and this is not the way forward.

Generally speaking, to get the best results, you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t copy anybody. Your business wants to be a unique entity and have an identity that is wholly individual to itself. It can’t do this if you’re trying to one-up a competitor or be part of the general market.

Connect it to the Domain 

Your brand name and business name should directly relate to a domain on the Internet. If you have a website, then the title should be connected to the website. Your brand identity should be easy to access regardless of how people choose to access it. So, if they choose to remember the name, it should be accessible via the Internet, which means that it should be part of your domain.

Final Thoughts

Creating the perfect business name takes time and a bit of thought. It’s not just as easy as picking a random name out and hoping for the best. Your name fulfils a lot of different roles. It should ultimately represent you as a business, communicate what you’re trying to do, and be easy to remember all at once. Trying to make this a reality is a challenge, but it’s worth it in the end because a lot of successful companies rely on their name to spread their reputation around, and yours will do the same. 

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The Different Types of Business Ownership

The Different Types of Business Ownership

If you’re going to start a business, you need to pick what type of structure with which you will operate. You might not know that there are actually quite a few different types of business ownership out there for you.

Each type of business ownership is different, so knowing what each one means will be helpful. Here’s a summary of all of the different types of business ownership you can have.

Sole Trader

A sole trader is the easiest type of business to set up because all you need to do is just to start your business. You’re the only person involved in the business, but you’re not a legal entity. In contrast to other forms of business organisations, like corporations or LLCs, you don’t have to register as a business entity before you get started.

Private Limited Company

A private limited company is somewhat similar to a sole trader, however, the primary difference is that the company is a separate legal entity with its own rights and responsibilities. You’re not wholly responsible for it, and this means that for both legal and taxation purposes, there are more complex obligations to think about. A private limited company is often a way to avoid being directly financially responsible for the legal challenges faced by the company.

Business Partnership

Another type of business structure is a business partnership. This is where you and your partners share the responsibility of running the business. You will be equally responsible for any losses the business makes, the bills for purchasing stock and equipment, and other similar things.

However, it’s not all bad. You all get to share in the profits of the business, although you do have to pay tax on your share of the money. It’s probably worth mentioning that your partner doesn’t have to be a person. A limited company, for example, can count as a partner in the business.

General Partnership

The general partnership is a business which is not incorporated and is made up of two or more owning parties, both of whom share the responsibilities of the business. All of the partners have personal liability for any and all debts and obligations the business has.

Legally, you’re required to report your portion of the profits and losses on a personal tax return.

Limited Liability Partnership 

The Limited Liability Partnership, or an LLP, is designed to provide each partner with a share of the management of the company. There is a limited degree of protection for liabilities inside the partnership, and you will typically find that this is used by professionals like attorneys and accountants. However, non-professionals can also start an LLP if they want to. 

Guarantee Company (Non-Profit) 

If you’re a company who is limited by guarantee, then you will be typically a club, society or a charity as the prominent examples. A lot of these companies are non-profit, which means that they retain all of the profits for their own use or a different purpose, but they won’t give them to members.

Private Company Limited by Guarantee 

Another type of private company that you get is a private company which is limited by a guarantee. This is set up by non-profit organisations like charities. What this means is that there’s no shares or shareholders to speak of, instead, you get members who are guarantors for the company.

Private Company Limited by Shares 

The next type of option that we have available is the private company limited by shares. What limited by shares means is that the liability of shareholders is limited to the capital that they have invested, to begin with. So, the initial value of the shares and any premium paid in return for the shares issued to them by the company. 

Community Interest Company (CIC) 

Finally, we come to a community interest company. This is a special form of company which is a limited, non-charitable entity. It exists for the primary purpose of benefiting a community or pursuing a specific social purpose. The aim here is not to make a profit for shareholders, instead, it is to best facilitate the interests of the community, as the title may suggest.

Closing Thoughts 

As you can see, there are many different types of companies to work with. It is important to take a look at each individual example to find what will be best for your business. Selecting the correct company for your needs is often a challenge.

Creating and defining your business structure is very important. If you do not adequately organise and collect all of your needs together, you cannot hope to maintain a proper level of sophistication.

Your business is a very important aspect of your life, and so it has to be properly organised and categorised. To avoid any particular legal challenges, you may be wise to research each of the different business structures and then select the one that is most pertinent to your situation.

Most people will go for either being a sole trader or a limited company. These are the most common types of business structures, but you will find that you can experiment with a broad selection of options if you don’t necessarily fit into the obvious categories. You will find your ideal business structure if you take the time to check out all of the options on offer.

Naturally, you will face a whole selection of legal challenges if you don’t have the right registration or the optimum business structure for your needs, so make sure to take your time when picking the correct one. All of these business structures are designed for different situations, so you have to be prepared to sort through them to find what’s going to work for you. Yes, this can be quite tricky, but ultimately, it is worth it in the long run. You’ve got to be prepared to experiment with what’s on offer to find the optimum selection. If you can do this, you will definitely see the results.

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The Truth About Running a Business as a Parent

The Truth About Running a Business as a Parent

There are lots of reasons why people decide to run a business once their children are born. For others, it happens the other way round, and their children come along after establishing their business. No matter which comes first, you will find that running a business as a parent certainly changes things, and it comes with highs and lows.

You Learn to Multitask

This is a positive thing, but honestly, sometimes it may not feel like it. For example, trying to combine a to-do list for your business with doctors’ appointments, school runs, play dates, and more can sometimes seem Mission impossible. However, what it does do is teach you how to prioritise. You also learn how to keep your multitasking organised; whether you are a paper-based list writer or prefer an online app, there are plenty of tools to help you keep everything running smoothly.

You Doubt Yourself

For many people, earning money while their children are small is not negotiable. Stay-at-home parents may simply not be able to afford to make ends meet without adding extra income, and running your own business does give you that freedom. There will be days when you doubt yourself. If your child is home from school sick and demanding attention, just as you have a crucial business meeting, you will probably feel like you cannot do both. However, when you manage to juggle, perhaps by asking grandparents to step in for an hour and you seal the deal with a new client, that feeling of doubt transforms into feeling good and boosted, and rightly so.

Your Hours Seem Long

One complaint I often hear from parentpreneurs is the hours they have to put in seem excessively long. However, a better way to look at it you are creating a fluidity between quality family time and work. Okay, you may be working at 8 p.m., but what would you be doing if you had a conventional 9-to-5 job and no childcare responsibilities? There is something deeply satisfying about creating a successful business from scratch, and when looked at in that light sitting mindlessly in front of soaps doesn’t offer a better experience!

 You Lead by Example

Parents that run a business are demonstrating to their children many life lessons. From the basics of cause and effect, you work hard, you succeed in overcoming challenges as, and when they happen, much of your work as a business owner takes place in front of your children at home. Entrepreneurial parents find they have a stronger family bond. Children feel included and important while learning what it takes to provide for a family and achieve the personal satisfaction of using your talents.

The Bottom Line

Running a business and bringing up children is far from easy. However, many parentpreneurs will attest that it is the most rewarding thing they have ever done, even with the lows, because the highs are so worth it.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need an Online Business Directory Listing

Having an online business is a good way to tap into a broad market. For a lot of businesses, a primary goal is to become part of an online directory. Loads of people use these directories to search for services and products, so having a listing is beneficial. We figured that we’d take a look at three of the top reasons why you need an online business directory listing for your business.

Improve Your Website Visibility

Website visibility is one of the best ways to generate leads. The more places that your website is visible on the internet, the more leads you will generate, so an online directory is a good way to create the leads that you need.

It’s estimated that nearly 8 out of 10 people will use an online directory to search for a product or service. So, if you can tap into this particular target audience, if you can successfully put yourself into as many online directories as possible, then you have a better chance of being found, which equates to more leads.

Being Easily Accessible

As an online business, you will want to be as accessible as possible to the general public. It’s pretty important for getting the best results because you want to make sure that people can find you if they need to. Having an online directory listing means that you appear in more places.

The more locations that your website turns up in, the more accessible you are. This helps to improve your likelihood of new clients, and it lets you showcase your services in relevant locations.

Business directory

Generate More Leads

Active lead generation is probably the most important thing for any business, regardless of their size. Without those all-important leads, how do you know that your business is going to do well?

An online directory listing helps to generate the leads you want because it gives you a broad range of ways to work with these leads and use them to their fullest effect. Naturally, you’re going to want to make sure that you appear in many places because this means more people interact, and this results in more chances for confirmed leads. It can be a difficult concept to approach, but if you focus on lead generation, multiple online directory listings are going to help you a lot.

Final Thoughts

Online directory listings are going to be your best friends as a business. Being able to generate the leads that you want will result in more business, and a good way to generate leads, increase visibility, and improve your accessibility is to have online directory listings. As a general rule, the more directory listings you can have, the better you’ll be. One of your primary goals as a business should be to get into as many online directories as you possibly can and make sure that you have a presence that reaches as far across the internet as is available.

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Outside Help You Should Be Getting for Your Small Company To Succeed

Outside Help You Should Be Getting for Your Small Company To Succeed

Many small businesses need outside help to succeed. This blog post will review the three most important types of outside help that can be used for businesses: financial, advisory, and operational.

Financial assistance is essential because it helps with cash flow and other short-term needs that may arise in your company. Advisory services guide a variety of topics that range from marketing strategies to business plans.

Finally, operational support is an often overlooked service, but it provides critical tasks such as IT management, facility management, payroll processing, and more.

IT Services

The outside help you should be getting for your small company to succeed is IT services. Several benefits come with hiring an external source when it comes time to upgrade or update computer systems, file storage, and networking abilities. These companies can make sure everything runs smoothly in the office when they work behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best.

Financial Functions

There are many ways that a small business needs outside help. The most important of these financial functions is financing your company, and it’s often best to involve an expert when faced with this choice.

You will need a solid understanding of what kind of money you want from investors to find the ability to present your business and its financial prospects.

If you’re just starting, don’t be too proud or afraid of asking for help. There is plenty of free consulting that can give you a leg up on the competition, but if it’s money you need, get ready to spend some money.

Another critical function is payroll, where Payroll Accountant Services will come in handy in caring for your employees.

Logistics and Warehousing Services 

Suppose you are a business owner looking for someone to take care of your inventory management, warehousing, and distribution needs. In that case, it’s time that you got in touch with logistics services providers. These companies can do much more than just offer warehousing facilities to businesses – they even work on the logistical aspects such as transportation, packing, and distributing goods from one place to another.

In addition, they offer a lot of help in the entire supply chain management process – from sourcing raw materials from suppliers worldwide, providing storage facilities for goods, and finally helping you distribute them as per requirements. This is one outside source that will make your work much more manageable and give your business a leg up at the same time.

Employee Training Services 

Employee training services are one of the best investments you can make as a small business owner. They will help your employees grow and become more effective at their jobs, which will help the business succeed.

Marketing Services 

You can’t do it all on your own. But, no matter the size of your business, hiring a marketing firm can be a significant investment to take some pressure off and help with advertising avenues that will help grow your customer base and increase your company’s visibility.

Customer Service

The first thing you should know is that a good customer service agent will be the one who’s going to help people get their questions answered, which can come in handy if they have issues with your product. Furthermore, it’ll also allow them to become loyal customers because of how much they care about what they’re buying.

On top of that, it can also help you with your reputation on the market because it shows people how much their voice matters to you. And not only yours, but all those who are behind this fantastic business as well.


If you are looking to grow your small business, do not go at it alone. You need to seek out those who can assist your company. There are many types of services that you might need for some regions of the company, and these professionals will be able to help you a long way.

If you include them as part of your team, they will truly make a difference in how well the small company fares over time.


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Parents in Business Magazine AUTUMN 2021

Parents in Business Magazine AUTUMN 2021

The Parents in Busines Magazine is 3 years old! In celebration of turning 3, we have a new look we hope you like it.

In this bumper issue, we have articles from Sophie Thwaites, who writes about helping children unlock their full potential, and Karen Gibb writes about Supporting your child’s wellbeing.

Do you want a stress free Christmas? Early preparation and planning is the key. This is the perfect time to get your marketing messages really focused and effective on page 36, Small business retail expert Catherine Erdly has you covered.

There is much misunderstanding about what it is to be involuntarily childless perhaps it comes from not knowing what to say or do? Berenice Smith, a freelance designer, and founder of Hello Lovely, writes about coming to terms with being involuntarily childless.

We have an interview with Sharon Keegan, Founder of Peachylean. Sharon Keegan is the founder of Peachylean. Peachylean is an award-winning fitness wear brand for women. That sells supportive garments in sizes 6 -26, supporting the everyday everybody to live life in full colour. Sharon has appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den and secured £100,000 for her ever growing business.

We also interviewed James Sutcliffe, the CEO of  The Founding Network, a community of the UK’s most innovative founders who collaborate, enabling them to scale as efficiently as possible. And Jo Carroll, Co-Founder of Winchcombe Farm. Jo runs an independent holiday retreat that is hidden away on a private country estate in the glorious Warwickshire countryside on the northeast tip of the Cotswolds in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Thank you so much for being so supportive over the last 3 years!



Salihah is the founder and creative director at Spoken World Productions, a theatre in education organisation for children that specialises in providing physical and virtual Drama, movement and

mindfulness workshops to enhance confidence, creativity and much, much more.



923 JOBS

Louise Arnold spent five years at City law firms before moving to an in-house legal role at London’s Borough Market.  She loves her role as part of the 9-2-3 team and really feels inspired by the changes that are unfolding before her eyes in the world of work.




Shona Chambers is a Marketing Consultant and owner of Shona Chambers Marketing, a Marketing Agency based in Nunhead near Peckham. Specialising in helping Small Business Owners and Freelancers with their Marketing.

*Photo credit Portrayed Photography




Catherine is a small business retail expert, a contributor on the subject of starting and scaling a product business, a judge of the Good Retail Awards on the Editorial Board of Modern Retail.




Karen Gibb is a former teacher, now educating young people on their emotional wellbeing with a range of calming strategies and practical tools to support.




Berenice Smith, MA, runs Hello Lovely. She works with business owners, publishing houses and authors to bring ideas to life through creative, bespoke user-friendly design. Hello Lovely is an ethical business advising on planet-friendly solutions and donating to charities.




Yuki is the founder of Cultivate Life Lifestyle blog that focuses on healthy eating, Eco-living & Money Saving topics.  Being a passionate foodie, Yuki shares tips and hacks on how to eat well without costing the earth (or our pockets!)




Sophie has helped children all over the world with varying learning differences. She has developed a broad understanding of how best to work with children and help them establish greater connections with their surrounding environment; ultimately allowing them to unlock their potential, enjoy learning, and grow in confidence.



Surviving the Challenges of running a business

Surviving the Challenges of running a business

Being a business owner has never been harder. There’s a lot of challenges that come from breaking away from the “rat race” and embracing a world without limits. For any business owner, the challenges that crop up can be tough to deal with on a regular basis.

Developing strategies for dealing with these challenges is key to success – overcoming hardship and growing as a person and a business owner. Let’s look at some strategies that can help you survive the challenges of running a business.


If you’re going to survive the everyday rigours of business ownership, you’ll want to learn how to prioritise work, especially if you’ve got a lot to deal with.

Ultimately, this means that you need to know how to delegate tasks. You have to pick the right things to do because otherwise, you just spend your entire day answering unimportant emails or filing. These admin tasks do need doing at some point, but they can’t take up a deadline.


Networking is one of the best things you can do to try and overcome some of the challenges of being a business owner. You know how you build up a collection of friends to help you get through the difficult times? Well, you also need work friends, which is where networking comes into it.

As a business owner, you don’t get a lot of opportunities to make friends at work, so you should definitely network where you can. It’ll make a big difference if you can find people who are willing to put the time in to help you through the tough times.


Surviving life as an entrepreneur sometimes can be hard. It’s easy to get lonely and to find yourself wondering where you should be, who you should be connecting with, and where you’re going.

You need a routine to make sure that this isn’t the case. You need something to anchor yourself, to stay grounded and focused. This can take many forms. Some people choose to exercise, which has a lot of health and mental benefits.

Others cultivate an everyday routine that helps to keep them focused. They create ways to manage their time effectively, and this gives them the potential to do great things even if they’re working remotely. You have to find what makes you focused and centred and use that to move forward.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to stay optimistic and survive as a business owner. However, you can get ahead and do great things if you take the time to experiment with what’s on offer in regards to building ways to cope with things. You need to find what works for you and really experiment with what’s available. How you deal with the hardships of life is on you, but it’s good to have a support network, and it’s good to connect with people. You don’t necessarily have to go it alone, so it might be worth looking into ways to do things with the support of others!

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The 3 Reasons a Marriage Breaks Down According to Marriage Counsellors

The 3 Reasons a Marriage Breaks Down According to Marriage Counsellors

Something that seemed good in the beginning can quickly turn into something that seems irretrievable. We are, of course, talking about problems in a marriage. Both parties have stopped talking and are just carrying on as if everything is okay when it is anything but. This might be for the sake of the children or to try and deny what is happening. In truth, a couple is growing further apart. They are just existing and neither is happy.

So, this article will consider the reasons why a marriage breaks down so that we can better understand it. This will help us and combined with Marriage Counseling, allow us to prevent the divorce and learn to love and appreciate each other as we once did. What has changed? We are the same people at heart. Wanting different things is only really about compromise and allowing each other their own space when they need it.

Lack of Communication

Marriages are in danger of breaking down when either side stops talking. To listen to each other is to understand things from the other’s point of view and so put ourselves in a position to compromise where needed. Also, by not talking, we are “burying our head in the sand” or “not waking up and smelling the coffee,” as the expressions go. This is all about pretending that nothing is wrong when there is. We do not want to believe that a marriage we have been in for years, or perhaps only a matter of months, is about to break down when in the beginning things were so wonderful. We must have been because we have the happy pictures to prove it. Those from outside the church with the confetti and a whole album of beach photos showing us relaxing and having fun on our honeymoon.

Let’s remember those again for a minute and then start talking to each other about why things are different now than they used to be. If we make that comparison then we can start to work out how to improve things so that we return to those happy times again. Whatever else is going on, the happiness is for us to share and grab as much of as we can.

Stopped Enjoying Things Together

Marriage works best when we do not individualize our activities entirely. Okay, it is good to have our hobbies that involve meeting our own set of friends, but equally, we should have some “together time”. Quality time, as some families will call it.

It is good to think of some activities that both individuals in a marriage can enjoy. This is easier when you have children, but when just a couple, this can simply be getting together socially with friends as a couple. Is there a sport that you could play together, such as tennis? It could, for example, end up the ultimate double’s partnership. Then, meeting up regularly could be made easier by getting together with perhaps the couple from next door, who may even be going through the same marriage problems behind closed doors. It could be a case of both couples benefitting from the marriage-saving experience. The Love-40 on the tennis court need not be a bad thing when against us as the server, it could turn into rekindled love once back at home.

Talking through things with a marriage counsellor, as a person who will listen, can provide lots of ideas for activities that couples can take part in together and enjoy. To enjoy the activity is to begin to enjoy each other’s company again. A good marriage is part physical attraction and part being able to tolerate one another, whatever their ways and habits. There will, of course, be something about everyone that annoys us, but there needs to be some give and take to get over it. Perhaps some habits have developed in later life which are annoying us. It is just a case of effective communication, as mentioned above, to resolve these.

The Romance Has Gone

Many marriages started through romance and so may only continue through it. Aging years should not be a barrier to romance as there are lots of romantic gestures that will still work. It is about making the effort on both sides to be romantic when it does not come naturally anymore. A relationship can quickly become stale and need some excitement or variety injected back into it.

So, what can we do to be more romantic? Well, you cannot beat the old methods many would say. This would mean buying a present such as flowers or chocolates and not just on special occasions, but at other times of the year too. Then, it is more of a surprise rather than something expected by tradition. Surprise is often associated with romance because you did something thoughtful that the other person was not expecting. You could also look into sex pheromones as a way to subtly encourage those feelings of want and desire in your partner that will hopefully help to re-ignite that romantic spark and get you enjoying intimate moments together again.
Romance very often has to be arranged and cannot be just spontaneous. So, time could be spent thinking the romantic gesture out. This will be a pleasant time too, just thinking about it. Then imagine both parties with a smile on their face planning a romantic gesture for the other. As long as it does not work out at the same time on the same day, it will be fine. Although, that would be quite funny and bring a smile that would last for a long time.

So, we are wishing you well if you are in this position. Think about what has been said above and look to enlist the help of a marriage counsellor. How can things not be salvageable when there was love, appreciation, and tolerance of one another existing in the first place?


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3 Things Which Make an Online Store Successful

3 Things Which Make an Online Store Successful

When selling products online, the key is to have a good website. What we mean by that is one that attracts attention as easily as it is found. Also, one that is easy to use and interactive, as this can help to make everything as easy as possible for its online user.

So, let us consider the things that places such as this Website Design Brisbane company will offer to enable us to sell more effectively online, in Australia, and elsewhere.

Graphic Design

Effective graphic design is all about transforming the information on a company’s website so that it is not only easy to read but communicates, with a strong message, details about a company’s products and branding. It is what makes a website attractive and increases the awareness of a website in the wider community and globally. It is an investment to have a good website and will pay a company many times over when it works well.

An online brand should be instantly recognisable, just like a high street shop sign is. This means using colours that are expected and familiar about a brand on its home page. Then, you may want to think about including a readable font. But then, not just using text to relay a message, but also making use of both still and moving images because they will be more attractive, memorable, and useful, as a selling tool.

Functional Websites

A website needs to be user-friendly. Users can be taken to other places by hovering and using buttons and links. If you decide to take it a step further, interactive videos can immerse viewers in the products a company offers and then take that potential customer to the checkout to buy the product, and all while the video is still playing and the attention has been grabbed.

Interactive videos are also a wonderful way of obtaining feedback from the person that has just viewed the video. As a company, you want to know that you are doing all you can to attract buyers rather than put them off, and it is the buyers that will tell you. Of course, by hiring a professional team of website designers, you have the advantage of all their experience in how customers have benefitted from the different websites that they have designed for a range of businesses over the years.

Digital Marketing

It pays to invest in digital marketing because unless someone finds your website, it is a waste of effort to have produced that attractive and interactive website. Techniques will be used which help a website to achieve one of the top positions in a search list that is keyword initiated.

SEO, standing for Search Engine Optimization, uses organic searches to produce results. It will accelerate a company’s website to the top of the list. The last thing any online buyer wants to do is to scroll through multitudes of lists to find their suitable company. They do not have to, generally, because there will always be a competitor a step ahead who will have adopted digital marketing and gained that upper edge. It is these first few websites in a list that customers will take note of and buy from. This will likely be because it sends out the message that they are the most popular companies and the ones to deal with because they have that sense of recommendation about them.

An alternative to SEO is PPC, standing for Pay Per Click. This simply means that a company will pay for each of their adverts that are clicked on. Generally, this will help achieve better rankings over a shorter period in return, whereas SEO is a longer-term strategy. Both become very effective strategies, however. If making a further comparison, PPC will put you slightly higher up in a search list than SEO, but there is not much in it. Accordingly, you can learn more about some of the key differences between PPC and SEO by taking a look at a few of the resources on the iTonic blog.

In conclusion, to make an online store effective and successful, website designers and developers that you hire will, in Brisbane and other parts of the world, consider the look of your website, how it functions for users, and continue to help a business by devising and maintaining digital marketing strategies that work. That is, they increase visibility, which in turn will increase sales and grow a company to new heights.

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3 Things You Should Outsource For Your Small Business

3 Things You Should Outsource For Your Small Business

So, if you’re a small business, then you do have to think about outsourcing. There are a lot of different things that a small business has to do in order to survive, but it can be more financially sensible and efficient to outsource them.

Outsourcing is a good idea because it bridges the gap between what you can do and the skills that you need to keep your business running. So, if you’re not good at a particular side of the business, outsourcing it can resolve that issue and give you the freedom to concentrate on more important matters. With that being said, let’s take a look at three things that you should outsource if you are a small business.


Bookkeeping is the accounts. So, the financial side of your business, with regards to expenditure, profits, costs, this all goes into the bookkeeping. You have to be good with numbers to be a bookkeeper, but if you’re not, then it’s just going to be a stressful exercise every time you sit down to balance the books.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping can be a good way to make sure that the numbers add up, which is important for tax and financial matters, but at the same time, it also means that you don’t have to stress about making sure that the calculations are correct or that you have recorded everything properly.


Even small businesses have to think about marketing from time to time. It’s quite important to be able to properly market your business and its services to the general public, and if you don’t understand how marketing works, you aren’t going to do this very effectively.

Outsourcing marketing responsibilities to a dedicated company will give you the confidence that you need to make sure that people continue to view your company, that you have an active presence online, and that any marketing campaign you do design, regardless of how small, is an effective one.

Translation Services

It is not exceptionally common for a small business to require translation services, but if you do happen to need them, which does happen, it makes more sense to outsource them than to try and do it yourself.

Translating the contents of your business into another language is a difficult task, and you will probably make some critical mistakes if you are not conversationally fluent in that language. Outsourcing to a translation company will prevent you from mucking it up prior to selling to other countries.

Final Thoughts 

Outsourcing can be a very valuable resource for any company that wants to be able to cut costs and not have to invest in massive scale changes. If you are a smaller company, it’s just easier, in the long run, to turn these responsibilities over to professionals. It will save you time, money, and stress, because you won’t have to worry if your skill set is up for the task.

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