Benefits of Theming your time

Benefits of Theming your time

One of the biggest issues faced by those who run their own business is time management, working from home is the ideal for so many people but many of us have been struggling to stick to our to-do list.

Theming your time is a concept by where you theming your workdays allocating a specific task or project for a designated day of the week. For example, you may allocate Friday’s to do all your social media images and scheduling. The concept of theming your workdays does not mean that all you can do on that designated day is the task or project you allocated to it. You will, of course, have emails that need responding to and calls that you may need to make. Theming means that you are allocating more hours on that specific day to the task or project you allocated to that day.

Theming your day’s means that you can comfortably fully complete tasks that you have to do on a regular basis. I have been theming my work days for a few weeks now after listening to one of Pat Flynn’s podcast episodes. So far the benefits are increased productivity I am happier and more content at the end of the work day when I have completed a task or project that I assigned to one of my specific theming days.

As a parent running a business a business, I for one know that emergencies happen and not every working week looks the same as the last for example hospital appointments, school plays, school trips and emergencies. The approach I take to theming my days for the week is planned a week in advance so I can work around my family commitments. Therefore if I themed Wednesday as the day I do a blog post it does not mean that the following Wednesday I will be doing a blog post.

Theming my time allows me to free my mind and focus on tasks and projects that are critical to me making progress in my business.

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