Benefits of Guest Blogging

Benefits of Guest Blogging

So, if you have heard the term guest blogging, you might be wondering what it is all about and how it can help you as a small business owner. After all, on the surface, it just seems that you have to work hard to produce an article for free, to populate someone else’s site. Guest blogging is a lot more critical that is seems, and it is well worth your time, for many reasons, including building your brand, so let’s take a closer look at some other benefits.

Expand Your World

Driving traffic to your site is key to getting a reasonable conversion rate, right? Right. So, no offence, but you are a little fish in a little pool, with your well-run social media pages, and your website, but realistically you are only going to be seen by the other fish that move in the same circles. If you want to expand your reach, which you certainly do, you need to play in other people’s pools as this is the best way for a small business to increase their reach. Here you will find a whole new audience that has never met you before, and if you present you guest blog well, will be handing off your every word and, boom, a sudden increase in traffic and potential leads.

Build Your Links

Now, whether as an SME you are hoping to do your SEO on a shoestring, which means you are relying on what you can learn from the net, or whether you are investing in an agency or freelancer expert to help you, one thing you will hear a lot about is link building. Every site will be different, some will allow you a link in your article, others will limit links to the author bio at the end of the blog, but it is still a link. You should be aiming to guest on well-known blogs with a good audience as these will provide you with the highest quality links, and what do links make? Prizes! In the form of rankings and traffic, so what more could you need.

Create Your Reputation

Here are some more buzz words for you that are big in the SEO and marketing world. Industry expert and authoritative, while there are members of society out there who will believe anything they read on the Internet, the majority of more discerning readers want to make their purchasing decisions based on trust and reputation. Setting yourself up as an expert in your field takes time, and guest posting is a great way to start getting your name out there. Be sure your work is factually correct and cited where appropriate and be clear on what is opinion and what is fact. It is ok to have an opinion as long as your arguments are well reasoned and make sense. In the SEO world, I can almost guarantee that every aspiring expert follows Neil Patel and Moz (amongst others). Why? Because they are trusted, authoritative experts, thanks to a considerable amount of blogging on their part. If you want to be known in your industry, get working on it – not all experts are from multinationals in fact many are SME’s or individuals.

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