I’m Bridget, the founder of Parents in Biz. I’m a business owner, mother of 5 and a start-up enthusiast. I work with parents just like you who want to start a business and parents that want to grow their businesses.

I’m no stranger to wearing multiple hats and being busy at the same time as pursuing my passions and dreams. I’m passionate about empowering you to design a work style that suits you and your family.

Some of the themes I specialise in are productivity, time management, and self-care.

Life as a parentpreneur can be tough. You’ve got one eye on your business, and the other on your family. And we all know which takes priority!

Children take up so much of your time, and its easy lose sight of what you set out to achieve in your business. You get yourself all fired up and well organised, ready to take that next step when your family needs take over.

I started my first business over ten years ago, and I understand, first hand, the pains that we, as parents, go through, from starting up a business to scaling a business. There weren’t many parentpreneurs in my social circle back when I started, and my ambition often seemed like a pipe dream.

Throughout my business journey, my children have gone through all the stages of child development baby, toddler, pre-schooler, school age, teenagers, and young adulthood.   

As you continue to read you will see why my journey is very much intertwined with why I set up Parents in Biz.


All of my determination came from the fact that I was a teen mum. I was pregnant with my son at 15 and gave birth to him at 16. While my friends were going to university, that wasn’t an option for me. My desire for supporting people started in 2003 when I embarked on an educational and practical journey of becoming a counsellor. While pursuing my dream career, I had to become great at multitasking because I was also in full-time employment, a single parent, and had 3 young children at the time. I was fortunate to have a trusted support circle as my weekends were spent studying. I went on to become a qualified counsellor, and as if that journey was not enough of a challenge, I decided I wanted to raise the bar further, and I set myself a goal of doing a degree in Psychosocial Studies. By this stage, I had 4 children and worked part-time in the social care sector. I achieved a 2.1 degree in psychosocial studies.

Being a young mother made me into the woman I am today


I started my first business with my partner in 2009. I was overflowing with passion and enthusiasm, and I had so many ideas and goals, and I honestly felt unstoppable. This Passion led me to the idea of setting up another business in 2012. We later sold our women’s fashion website, but at the time it seemed like the perfect fit for my life since my youngest daughter was 2 years old and I had the flexibility of working around the family. Setting up and running a fashion business was hard work, and when things did not go as planned as they often did, I soon fell back down to earth. Not only was it a highly competitive space, but I came to the realization that I had moved away from my core passion for supporting people.

Every great person has to go through failure to realise their dreams.


Building a business from scratch all by yourself is not only hard but when you have children, it is especially hard. You can quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated. However, I believe you can have it all. The choices I make every day allow me to put my beautiful family first while building my business and working with people I genuinely care about. By sharing my knowledge and experiences, I can empower parents like you, and in turn, you can empower fellow ‘Parentprenuers.’

Let me help you to achieve harmony at home and grow your business.

I have worked with over 100 parent entrepreneurs to start and grow their business and to generate income and achieve business success and now it’s your turn.

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Nicknames: Miss B and Dora (Yes, as in Dora the Explorer.)
Star Sign: Libra, which explains my love for balance.
If I were to describe myself as a chocolate bar, I would be a Galaxy nut.
I dislike Public transport.
I love My family and chocolate.


Meeta Patel

“I have known Bridget professionally for around 10 years Bridget is organised, positive and inspiring. She is passionate about the work that she does with families. She has a genuine interest in the progress her clients make.”




Ian Baber

“Bridget takes a professional, productive approach to her work with clients she knows when to add fun to a session. I would not hesitate in highly recommending her.”