7 Tips for a Happier Healthier Life

7 Tips for a Happier Healthier Life

It can be hard when you run your own business, every turn you take, work just seems to follow you. Sometimes it can seem like an impossible task to take care of yourself, especially for parents who run a business.

Looking after yourself is beneficial not only for you and your family but also for your business because being healthy means you are more productive and happier.

Don’t believe us? Here are 7 top tips for a happier, healthier life.

1, Keep hydrated

Water makes up two thirds of our bodies and performs many functions including acting as a solvent, carrying nutrients, regulating temperature and detoxification. Maintaining a good level of hydration can also influence vitality, energy levels and mental alertness.

2, Food

It’s vital that you have a healthy diet that contains lots of fruit and vegetables; you can eat healthily but still enjoy your favourite foods. Replace an afternoon sugary snack with something healthy such as fruits or nuts. For example, if you have pizza, consider a smaller one and add some salad on the side.

3, Sunlight

Get plenty of sunlight, vitamin D is produced in the skin and is associated with many benefits to the body such as improved immune function and studies have shown it reduces the risk of depression.

4, Sleep

Shutting down the computer, turning off your mobile phone and TV early in the evening around the same time mentally prepares your mind and body for sleep.  A good night’s sleep enhances your overall health. Professionals recommend 7-8 hours as the ideal requirement in order to stay healthy.

5, Take a Walk

It’s important to take some time out for exercise even with a busy schedule, it’s important to keep your body active, healthy and your mind sharp. In an interview we did with Sophie from Attentive Art she discusses how she implemented exercise into her busy routine you can listen to it here.

Another way to implement walking into your lifestyle may be that instead of doing the school run by car, take a walk there and back. Walking the dog is also an excellent way of implementing more exercise, instead of a slow walk; consider taking a brisk one as it will act as a mini workout.

6, Kindness

When carrying out random acts of kindness make sure it’s coming from a genuine place, it could be a quick call or a text to someone you care about that you haven’t connected with for a while.

Just like smiling it changes our brain so that we feel happier. Aim for one or more random acts of kindness a day.

7, Gratitude

Showing appreciation,  even for the small things gives you a good feeling. By showing gratitude daily you gain a new perspective on life, keep a journal where you can list things that you are thankful for. We recommend the Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide for Consciously Creating Your Days. By listing things you’ll be surprised at how effective it is at creating a happy mindset.

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