6 Customer Service Tips

6 Customer Service Tips

Many small businesses often fail to realise the importance of customer service, yet customer service itself is one of the most important parts of any business. Here are 6 customer service tips that you can implement in your business right away.

1, Build trust

This is where the ‘know like and trust’ factor comes into play. In order for a customer to trust you, they would need to know you and like you or the products that you offer. I have had many conversations with friends in the past and they have recommended a company before I make a purchase I read up about the company and then look at reviews online and because the company has been recommended the building blocks of trust have been built. By providing the best customer service to every customer you will increase trust. Be certain that your passion for customer service is known throughout your company, and ensure your employees share your commitment to providing excellent customer service.

2, Brand awareness

When you provide excellent customer service, your customers will spread the word, thereby increasing your brand’s reputation. Excellent word of mouth is powerful for any business; customers who have good things to say about your brand will remember your brand and are therefore more likely to make repeat purchases. The goal is for your customer service to boost the value of your brand, it must, therefore, surpass the expectations of your customers.

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3, Market message

Share your uniqueness, say why you are different from your competitors and embed videos onto your website homepage showing actual customers using or talking about your products and services. Join a platform that collects customer reviews, add personality to any advertising that you do for your business. Customers are fully equipped with mobile and social media tools so they can communicate quickly about your brand, good or bad. This means that establishing a strong reputation for good products or services is vital as it could make or break your business.

4, Customer complaints

There are too many competitors in the market for small business owners to handle customers complaints in a careless manner. Actively listen to the complaints that customers make, reassure them that you take the complaint seriously. If face to face pay attention to the tone of your voice, the language you use and body language. If possible offer a solution and remember to always follow up on a complaint to ensure it has been resolved and the customer is satisfied.

5, Customer journey

Promptly respond to all customer enquires addressing them by their name, personalise your exchange with them and avoid using set templates and always give your name. Make notes of the exchange and try and make it a duty for the same person to follow up. By putting the customer journey at the forefront and paying attention to detail whether it’s packaging, enquires, or a seamless transaction process. Create a customer journey map, the more you know about your customer the better the experience you can give them.

6, The bond

When you provide quality customer service, you create happy customers who not only use your company again but will also share their experiences. Loyalty programs, thank you cards, these little touches all create a bond. See the images below of examples I have received in the past.

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