5 Ways To Protect Your Employees During These Unprecedented Times

5 Ways To Protect Your Employees During These Unprecedented Times

Running a business has never felt tougher. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a great deal of disruption to companies in virtually all sectors. While those issues have impacted various aspects of the ventures, protecting people is one of the biggest challenges. Aside from the commercial elements, it’s a matter of human and social responsibility.

Here are five simple but effective ways to ensure that your employees are cared for. In turn, this should work wonders for their morale and productivity levels too.

1) Consider Remote Working

Thousands of businesses have used remote-based employees in recent times as a direct response to COVID-19. Even if it is now possible for things to return to how they were, the remote working model may be for the best. When employees work from home, they cannot spread the virus. Moreover, having a percentage of the workforce ‘off-site’ allows you to keep in-house teams safer too. After all, social distancing is a lot easier to practice when ‘on-site’ teams are reduced by 50%.

2) Invest In The Right Equipment

When dealing with health and safety on your work premises, prevention is the best form of protection. Finding wholesale face masks for sale instantly increases the company’s hopes of containing the virus. Crucially, it’s a key step to keeping staff members in a positive frame of mind. Additional PPE items may be purchased to upgrade the protection levels. Anti-bacterial gels are another particularly wise investment. They will help clients and visitors as well as your staff. Do not underestimate their worth.

3) Upgrade Digital Security

Whether it’s on-site staff or remote workers doesn’t matter. The percentage of business interactions taking place via modern tech is greater than ever. This is something that cybercriminals are actively trying to target. Not least because they know people are unprepared. This transition towards a different way of working has caught a lot of businesses. If yours fails to implement the right firewalls, password management, and security features, it could fall victim to an attack. Be sure to make training a key concept too.

4) Reduce Customer Interactions

Client interactions will be one of the greatest threats to your sales staff. While this cannot be an excuse to abandon good customer care, you can adapt to the situation. Using mobile POS terminals with contactless payments is vital. It instantly cuts down on the need to handle money or get too close. Other features may include an online or telephone booking system for restaurants, dentists, and any service. It protects guests and staff members alike. If it’s a change you’ve been considering, now is the time to do it.

5) Invest In Sanitisation

Putting the right PPE tools and precautionary measures in place will reduce the risks. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you take the right steps to remove any presence of the virus from your workspaces. Chemical cleaning and sanitisation must become a part of your daily operations. There are plenty of companies that can do this for you, although in-house management is often equally as good. Either way, it should be supported by habitual changes like binning tissues immediately.

Do these five simple things, and your employees will feel safer than ever.


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