5 simple tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant

5 simple tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant

One of the biggest issues faced by those who run their own business is a lack of time. It will often feel like there are 100s of tasks that need to be done, and only a couple of hours to do them in.

You may think that you are alone, but a virtual assistant might just be the ideal solution to help you out. As the name suggests, a virtual assistant is someone who can give you remote assistance in a number of tasks.

But what tasks can a VA help with? Here are a list of 5 simple things that you can outsource their way.

Managing your email

Do you find yourself spending far too much time reading through the emails that you receive every day? Only find a few that actually need you to action them? A virtual assistant can really help you by rifling through all the emails that you receive on a daily basis and only highlight the ones that you need to respond to.

Book appointments

Are you a type of business that has customers booking in for appointments? Why not hand over managing this diary to a virtual assistant. They can make sure that your calendar is nice and full and that you can spend time actually working with your clients rather than simply booking in an appointment.

Database building

Do you have an extensive list of customers that you need to keep track of? Why not make sure that the management of your CRM software is taken on by a VA? They can take any new details and add them into the system, as well as make sure that details are up to date too.

Manage your social media

Social media is a useful tool for promoting your business and engaging with your customers. However, its often something that you will neglect if you don’t have the time. Why not assign this task to a VA, getting them to upload posts and communicate with your followers?

Answer simple support tickets

Have you heard of a system called ZenDesk? ZenDesk transforms email enquiries into tickets. These tickets can then be allocated to particular people to answer. You could ask your VA if they are happy to take on this task and ensure that the simpler tasks to answer are given to them. Saving you enough time to be able to answer the larger questions.
By delegating some of the admin tasks that you have to do in your business you may find that you have made yourself a little bit more time. This means that you can focus on other aspects of running your business, and make sure that you achieve the success that you want!

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