5 Reasons why Parentpreneurs need business friends

5 Reasons why Parentpreneurs need business friends

When you are a parentpreneur chances are that you are going to feel that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to try and have any kind of social life, even friends. The thing is, friends can be a huge benefit to you.

Not only do they curb the loneliness that you may feel but they are also great for lifting up your mood. Some friends may be lifelong, some may be fellow parents. But one great friend that you should try to make when you are a parentpreneur are business friends.

There are a variety of reasons why business friends are a great idea, particularly if you are a new startup who is finding their way.

Here are 5 reasons why it is worthwhile making the effort to make some new business friends.

They give you plenty of encouragement

Running your own business isn’t always easy, and at times you can feel that you are far from winning. Well, business friends can help. They understand what you are going through and they know that sometimes you just need a bit of a personal cheerleader in order to get going again.

They are there when you need advice and support

As a business friend knows about business they are some of the best people to give you advice and support. They might not have a business in the exact same industry as you, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t understand business as a whole. Ideal if you need a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

You can share resources and knowledge

Things are always moving and changing when it comes to business. New tech, new approaches even new rules and regulations. It can be hard to keep on track of all of these things and make sure that you are in the know. This is why it pays to have business friends, they are also likely to want to learn about the business world and if they come across something that they will think is relevant to you (and vice versa) then you can share this information and make sure that you are both up to date.

They teach you how to take accountability

Staying on track in business isn’t easy. It is all too simple to go off track and find yourself nowhere near where you wanted to be. Taking account of yourself and your business is the first step to not only success but personal and professional growth too. If your business friend has been in the game for longer than you, then chances are that they have made mistakes themselves, that means they know just how important it is to not give up just because you have hit a bump and instead take responsibility for it and move on.

Someone to network with

There are very few people that like the idea of heading to a networking event alone, so why not see if you can make a business friend who needs to head to the same networking events as you? That way, you never have to worry about heading out alone. That said, it is important that you do utilise these events as a way to both make some new contacts, not just stand talking to one another.

Friends are important throughout your life. But business friends can not only be valuable to you, but they can also be incredibly valuable to your business too.


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