4 Simple strategies to help you feel good and energised

4 Simple strategies to help you feel good and energised

Beth Auguste is a dietitian, nutritionist, fitness trainer and mama who helps busy parents find actual solutions for feeling their best. In this episode, Beth shares 4 of her favorite simple strategies that will help you feel GOOD, energised, and in control of your wellness, even when there are a million other things going on.  You can check out Beth’s online group program, The Refresh or register for a free 5 Day Refresh. You can also find her podcast on all major platforms at Be Well with Beth.

Beth Auguste MS RDN CSOWM WFS is a registered dietitian nutritionist, certified women’s fitness specialist and board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management. She’s also a mom who juggles maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle while chasing two adorable but exhausting kids and running a business. Beth understands that nutrition and healthcare advice can’t happen in a vacuum. Life will always get in the way of the perfect routine. Her recommendations meet you where you are and integrate creative, effective solutions that fit into even the busiest schedule. She is more than your nutritionist– she’s an advocate and supporter for your wellness.

Beth holds a masters in nutrition from Boston University, a bachelor’s in psychology from Emory University. She owns Be Well with Beth, a fitness and nutrition company that works with parents of young children to navigate their wellness. Services include private nutrition counselling, virtual personal training and an online group program called The Refresh.

How to contact: [email protected]

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Website www.bewellwithbethphl.com
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Beth’s podcast: www.podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/be-well-with-beth/id1534039028
The Refresh online group program: www.bewellwithbeth.thinkific.com/bundles/4-month-refresh
Free workshops: www.bewellwithbethphl.com/freeworkshops
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