3 Tips on how to make the most of a working weekend

3 Tips on how to make the most of a working weekend

Weekends are highly valued by all. Just the thought of a weekend approaching is enough to drive people wild, partying or excited. After a dedicated week of work, people may still feel the urge to do something meaningful with their weekend other than idling around and letting such precious time go down the drain. Besides that, the modern world has become immensely competitive and setting time to work on weekends may in one way or another, be a stepping stone to success.

Implementing working plans on a weekend is usually a hard task, almost unachievable. However, there are a number of tips to ensure that you make your working weekend plans a reality.

1) Proper planning

Everyone knows the difficulty of implementing ideas without first planning and organising. Lack of proper and appropriate plans leads to a wasted weekend, in that one ends up doing absolutely nothing related to work. It’s important that you first acquire a diary in order to formulate a means of planning and scheduling their weekend well. You can opt to divide the weekend into various periods of time depending on the duration you intend to work.

Thereafter, you can allocate each period a task. Duration set should have strict time limits. Time limits you set should be reasonable and realistic. In addition, they should never be dishonoured. Remember that honouring your plans is equivalent to honouring one’s self and vice versa.

As a parent, your children look up to you as an example. Time limits play a huge role in helping you avoid the act of procrastination. It’s also advisable to share your plans with your family members who may, in turn, help you observe deadlines.

While planning is of importance in coming up with a work schedule, creating a reminder will go a long way in helping you adhere to the schedule.

2) Avoiding distractions

Distractions may include social media, catching up with friends, negative influence and focusing on other things other than what you have planned for. Most distractions make you shift energy into other things other than work. This may lead to tiredness and wastage of precious time. It’s important for you to draw a clear line between serious work and other engagements not scheduled for. It’s important to remember that success in your family life comes through work and proper organisation. In as much as your children or other family members may be distractions to work, it’s advisable that you know how to strike a balance between the two. If you plan to work a weekend try and plan in advance so you can arrange childcare. Besides that, you can opt to engage your family members in your work for an effective division of labour so that no one disrupts the other from work until it’s complete. All in all, you should set priorities and learn to say “NO” when need be.

3) Avoid overworking

Take breaks to relax, recharge the brain and meditating between your work is recommended. You can have breaks of jogging, cooking or sharing jokes with your children. Remember the saying hard work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. In addition, taking breaks between work also assists you to review your performance. Besides that, relaxing helps you anticipate getting back to work.







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