3 Business Areas to Automate to Increase Productivity

3 Business Areas to Automate to Increase Productivity

We all love the idea of making our lives easier. This is why plenty of us will try out life hacks, all to make sure that things take less time such as cleaning, as well as less effort.

What if there were ways that you could make business that little bit easier? Great if you are a parentpreneur and already short on time.

Well, we present to you, 3 areas of business that you can automate. That’s right, you can set them up to do things on your behalf, saving you plenty of time!

Social media and blogs

Social media and blogging have become vital parts of effective marketing campaigns. They are both known to have a real impact on how successful your business is. The trouble with social media is that it can take some time to log in, create posts and then share them.

This is where automated social media and blogging is a huge help. Whilst it can’t write the posts for you, it can post them onto your profiles or pages. All you need to do is create a whole load of posts and blogs, tell the platform when to post them (date, time etc) and then, just like magic, your posts will appear.

Customer service

Customer service, especially great customer service is very important for your business. However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t something that can be given an automated touch. The hard thing about this is making sure that you don’t lose the personal touch.

Automated customer service, in particular apps or live chats, are great for those businesses that have tech-savvy, younger customers. But those that target to an older crowd might find that they need to still take an old-fashioned approach. This is why it might be a good idea to try and offer both an “actual person” and an automated option to your customers.

That way, they can try out an automated approach, but still, have the chance to speak to someone if that isn’t giving them the answers that they need.


Some business owners only have themselves to think about and organise. But others have staff that they need to keep track of too. Scheduling is important, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t without headache.

Thankfully, it seems that some companies have seen this issue, and designed automated scheduling tools that make this side of business all the easier. You can find out where your staff are, and when they are available, as well as organise shifts and rotas. All using a few clicks of the button.

Better than spending hours trying to figure things out on a pad.

Business will always be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be “hard work”. By looking at ways that you can make things simpler for yourself, you can free up some more time to spend with your family or making moves to make your business even more of a success.

I use Acuity Scheduling you can try it here

For social media scheduling I use Smarter Queue you can try it here

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