How to handling loss when you run a business

How to handling loss when you run a business

A loss isn’t something that you will want to see when you run a business. In business terms loss is used to explain financial loss, however, there are a variety of losses that you can see in your business and in your life.

The way that you cope with and handle the loss is key, as this can affect the impact that it has on your life and the successfulness of your business too.

Loss of a relationship

It isn’t easy to get over the loss of a relationship. You are likely to feel rejected, hurt and more than just a little down on yourself. Plenty of people want to hide away from the world and lick their wounds. However, this isn’t always possible when you run a business.

Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, why not use your business as something to focus yourself on? You never know, but it might really help you to forget about the pain of your relationship and instead keep you looking to the future.

If you have kids, then you may find that you need to take on more of the childcare then you did before, which means that you may need to assess how this will work with your business ongoing.

Financial loss

It can be hard to bounce back from any kind of financial loss. However, it is important to remember that not every business can rake in millions. Particularly in those early stages. You need to approach financial loss from a positive place. Remember all the great things that you have managed to achieve in your business and this could give you the push you need to keep on going.

Take a look at the areas where you have experienced this loss and see what can be done to rectify it. Maybe you need to cut down on your spending or utilise free ways to promote and advertise to bring in some more customers.

Death of a loved one

One of the hardest types of losses that you will need to work through is the death of a loved one. The one great cure for this kind of loss is time, which isn’t always something that we have much of when running our own businesses.

However, you really do need to recognise that you will need some time to grieve and give yourself it. Ask yourself whether your business could close for a week or two, or perhaps whether you have someone that you can trust to keep it ticking over whilst you focus on the situation that you find yourself in.

There is likely to be plenty of people out there who will offer you help, or you may be surprised by how understanding your customers can be.

Any kind of loss is likely to leave you feeling like you are never going to feel like yourself again, but there are ways that you can get through it and come out the other side. All without having to have too much of an impact on your business.

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Top 3 Time Sucks In Your Business

Top 3 Time Sucks In Your Business

When you run your own business you are going to be dedicating a lot of your time to it. However, there is also going to be times when you may find yourself distracted and spending less time that you wanted on it.

Time sucks are not only irritating, but they can also have a detrimental effect on your business too. There are plenty of time sucks out there that can have an impact on your business, but there are 3 main ones that seem to cause a problem.

Social Media

Whilst social media is great for personal and business use, it is also one of the biggest time sucks out there. Social media can be one of the easiest ways to distract yourself from a task that you have to do. Particularly if that task is boring or not something you want to spend time on. After all, isn’t it far more interesting to look at your friend’s holiday pictures or funny videos of a cat?

Before you know it, you have lost half an hour and you are behind on what you wanted to do. The trick here is to limit yourself to when you go on social media. Don’t have notifications on your phone or your laptop and focus on the task in hand. Those photos and videos will still be there when you are finished.


We all like to think that we are experts in multi-tasking, after all, we are parents, aren’t we? However, multi-tasking can end up sucking your time dry rather than being helpful. You may think that getting lots of things done at once is ideal for finishing things off around the home, but in truth, you may end up spreading yourself too thinly and finding that tasks which shouldn’t have taken long, instead take much longer.

Instead of trying to multi-task, it may make sense to focus on one particular task that you need to do. Once that one is done, you can move onto the next one and so on and so forth.

Not sticking to your boundaries

One of the most important things when it comes to being a parent and running a business is having boundaries. Separating your family time and your business time means that those two parts of your life get the attention that they deserve. Not sticking to your boundaries can also mean that you spend some of your business time focused on your family issues, which can drain that vital time and leave you short.

Instead, keep things separate and you will be able to dedicate enough time to both.

So, there you have it, the top three things to try and avoid doing when you are running your own business. They seem obvious, but they are also things that plenty of us forget to do, or do too much.

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The lesser known benefits of gratitude

The lesser known benefits of gratitude

No matter how awesome you are, there is a good chance that you would love to be a better person. A strong person. Someone who is more aware of the feelings of others around them. There are plenty of ways that you can be kinder to yourself and improve not only the way you feel but how others feel about you too.

Gratitude is something that seems to be underestimated, and this is a real shame, as there is a power behind gratitude.

Don’t believe us? We have put together some of the benefits of gratitude that you may not even realise right now.

It makes us happier

Okay, so this isn’t that much of a secret. But being grateful is a great way to improve your overall feelings of happiness. One of the simplest ways that it does this is by reminding us of all the wonderful things that surround us, and this cannot help but make you feel a whole lot happier.

It makes people think well of us

Think about it this way. Are you going to want to hang around with someone who is down about what they have, or someone who is a whole lot more appreciative? Being aware of all the amazing things in your life means that you will become somewhat of a happiness magnet, attracting others and spreading your happiness far and wide.

It could give your business a boost

Being grateful for your business. Simply telling yourself how lucky you are means that you will be more motivated to work harder. This is the type of thing that will get noticed by the clients and customers.

It stops jealousy

One of the ugliest emotions that a person can feel is jealousy. That feeling that you want something that someone else has. That you are not particularly fond of them for having it. The trouble with jealousy is that it has no bearing on anyone but you. This means that maybe it would be better to focus your thoughts on things you do have, rather than the things that you don’t.

A little positivity goes a long way

You cannot underestimate the power of positivity. Not only does it make you smile, but that smile can be infectious and spread around you. Gratitude is not only great for helping you to reflect on all the awesome things in your life. But is also great to help others to take a look at the awesome things in their lives too.

Sometimes it can be hard to be grateful for things, particularly when life is getting you down. But no matter whether work is stressful, or your kids are misbehaving, there is always something out there to make you feel good.

Focus on these awesome things, and in no time at all, you will be feeling a whole lot more grateful about life in general.


Stop Stressing About Work-Life Balance

Stop Stressing About Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest concerns to those who are trying to forge their business as well as raise their family is maintaining (or even just reaching) a healthy work-life balance.

The idea that you can be successful about what you want to do in your life, as well as be a great parent is something that could actually be causing more stress than those things themselves.

So, that is why we are here to tell you that you need to stop stressing about the work-life balance. After all, there are plenty of other things your life to think about. Why add into that worry?

To help you, we have put together our guide on how to stop stressing about your work life balance.

It isn’t easy to reach

In an ideal world, a work-life balance would be one of the easiest things to get in your entire life. The truth is, whilst it seems like an easy thing to do, this balance is something that is actually really hard to get, and many don’t even get there.

Sometimes things will slip

Even if you do find yourself achieving a good work-life balance, then chances are that there are going to be times when it slips a little. You might find yourself really busy in your business, with a need to work later nights or longer hours, which takes you away from family.

You may also find the other way round when a child is poorly, or you have a family emergency. Which calls you away from your business.

That said, sometimes it will come naturally

Of course, just as there are times when things can go a bit wrong, there are also going to be times when everything works out perfectly. You will have the right balance between working and raising a family, and chances are that you will be feeling pretty smug about it all.

Just remember, as fast as it is going well, it can all come crashing down again.

Your kids will benefit from seeing you work hard

One thing to remember is that, no matter whether it feels that your children are being neglected whilst you work on your business. They are actually learning about the importance of working hard. Make sure that your children understand that you work hard so that they can enjoy time with you and do fun things and you will hopefully raise children that too will be inspired to own their own business when they are older.

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#PIB42 Take back your power with Carol Mortarotti

#PIB42 Take back your power with Carol Mortarotti

Carol Mortarotti is a former pro tennis player and one of the first few women to have worked on the New York Stock Exchange. But first and foremost, Carol is a very proud mother, after losing her ex-husband to suicide and having her world turned upside down, she found her true passion in healing.

Carol, a certified grief and loss coach, discovered a unique process along her personal grief-healing journey. Her signature formula enabled not only herself, but also her son to heal and recover from a devastating loss. Today, it is her pleasure to guide others through their pain, help them to release that pain, and ultimately show them how to return to a place of light, love, and empowerment.

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#PIB41 Pinterest your lead generation machine with Maggie Lamarre

#PIB41 Pinterest your lead generation machine with Maggie Lamarre

Interview with Maggie Lamarre, Pinterest Visual Marketing Strategist. In this episode, you will hear Maggie dispel myths around Pinterest. She tells us all about the power of a Pinterest lens and how you can use Pinterest as your lead generation machine in your business and family life.

Maggie uses her Branding and Marketing skills combined with her innovative ideas to support small and emerging businesses to connect with potential customers in order to attain an unprecedented level of success.

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#PIB40 Follow your heart to the life of your dreams with Heather Criswell

#PIB40 Follow your heart to the life of your dreams with Heather Criswell

Heather Criswell is the founder of WiseInside, speaker, and author of the award-winning How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too) and Wise Talk from the Other Side. She’s the host of WiseTalk Radio, a podcast sharing a revolutionary approach to heart-centred communication.

She’s worked with over 30,000 children and their families, helping them see their power, own their greatness, and communicate from love. At 21, she founded a unique preschool and later opened a holistic wellness centre. She’s dedicated her life to helping people step into their greatness and shine bright.

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How to Raise a Happy Child

(and be happy Too)

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#PIB39 The truth about running a business as a parentpreneur

#PIB39 The truth about running a business as a parentpreneur

Being a parentpreneur seems like the perfect way to combine family life with doing something you love and earning a living. But managing the responsibilities of parenthood and entrepreneurship is often a balancing act then is very rarely balanced for a period of time. This episode covers the truth about running a business as a parentpreneur.

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3 Best Apps for Small Business

3 Best Apps for Small Business

The life of a parentpreneur can be extremely hectic. From scheduling meetings, making appointments, emails, deadlines, to taking care of children, cleaning and cooking, the list goes on. It sometimes feels impossible to mentally digest everything.

If you’re anything like me you may have loads of apps on your phone. From social media apps to organisers and to do lists, everyone has their favourites. So I thought I would share with you 3 of the best apps for small businesses that I use on a daily basis, to help keep me organised and on-track throughout the day.

Tech applications and their ease of functionality can make our day to day lives so much easier with just the simple click of a button.

In no particular order, we have:


Trello is a collaboration tool that organises your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in any given process.

Sometimes we are not always sat at our computer working; we often have to work on the go. Trello makes it easy to keep a grip on all the different projects and collaborations you are working on. Trello syncs with the work on your computer and notifies you when one of your team members updates.

There is so much more to Trello, and Skillshare has a range of mini videos you can watch to see its full capabilities. There are other options out there such as Asana and more

Click on links below to get Trello, Skillshare and Asana

iTunes Trello

Google Play Store Android Trello

Online Trello




The awesome reminder + timer app that is alarmingly great! It includes pop-up reminder alerts with robust repeat scheduling, flexible snooze and full customization. As well as pop-up timers with custom messages, countdown/countup options, and timer queues.

What I love about this app is that it’s focused on empowering you to get things done. A couple of ways I use this app are to remind me of Twitter hours on twitter that I may want to take part in. I also use this app to remind me when one of my children is due totheir medication. Life can get so busy that you can easily forget things you are meant to do.

Alarmed also has a “Relentless Nag-Me” feature that’ll keep repeating a reminder until you mark it as completed. You can set the app to nag you about your task once every minute or once every hour. This nag-me feature is very handy for critical tasks that occur during busy times of your day,  its incessant reminder ensures you will complete the task, even when you are juggling ten other things.

Click on the link below to get Alarmed:

iTunes Alarmed 


There are many benefits and disadvantages to receiving email on your mobile phone, let’s face it mobile phones have become a vital piece of business and even home equipment for many business owners.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Good customer service, this is particular useful if you have a business where you have a set timeframe of when you respond to your customers
  • Increased productivity
  • Working remotely (e.g. working from home or away from the office)


  • They can become a distraction, especially if you are spending quality time with your family
  • If clients and customers get used to you responding to their emails on a regular basis within a quick time scale, it can get them into a routine. What happens if you can’t respond within that timeframe?

There are so many great apps for your phone that you can download today to help your small business get more organised. It was hard to narrow it down, but below are a couple that I have recently started using.


Picniic is the family assistant that helps families become more organised, productive, and more connected than ever before.

Click on the link below to get Picniic:

iTunes Picniic

Google Play Store Android Picniic

Online Picniic


If you want to manifest more money in your life, you have to track every single penny AND keep a gratitude journal of all your good fortune. The Lucky Bitch Money Tracker does exactly that. I downloaded this app via a recommendation, and just so you know it’s not an accounting app. So far I am loving this app; it’s great for setting money-related goals.

Click the on link below to get Lucky Bitch Money Tracker:

iTunes Lucky Bitch Money Tracker



3 Books I have enjoyed reading

3 Books I have enjoyed reading

It’s National Book Lovers Day and as a lover of reading, I thought I would share with you 3 of my current favourite books. My favourites change all the time and often, as a parentpreneur finding time to read can be a challenge. With the demands of family and business, I don’t always get to read as much as I would like.

Here are 3 books I have enjoyed reading.

Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

Pat Flynn

I am an avid listener of Pay Flynn’s SPI and Ask Pat podcasts, so when he said he was writing this book I had to get my hands on it. Will It Fly is about testing out and validating your business ideas before going down the road of spending too much of your valuable time and money on something that may not reap rewards later. This book is suitable for all types of businesses, it’s all about hard work, persistence, honesty and research.

You can look inside and buy Will it Fly here.

3 Books I have enjoyed reading

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life

Denise Duffield-Thomas

I was a late reader of this book, I have been a follower of Denise for some time and her teachings on money mindsets are priceless. This book is easy to read, and once I picked it up I could not put it down. It breaks manifesting down into easy to follow steps and helps you think about what might be holding you back. I could feel Denise’s passion and enthusiasm on the subject as I read.

You can look inside and grab a copy of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch here.

3 Books I have enjoyed reading

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Simon Sinek

When I read this book I had already started my business, but this is a valuable book for anyone who is starting a business and for those who are already running one. Yes, sometimes when you run a business you may go through a period where you lack motivation and passion. Reading this book will help you to refocus and gain clarity as to why you do what you do.

You can look inside and buy Start With Why here.

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