10 Tips for a work-life balance for the modern mom

10 Tips for a work-life balance for the modern mom

Sasha believes we take life too seriously, and she walks you through a new way of thinking by changing small things along the way. Sasha has spent years working with women, and she is bringing her top 10 tips to building a life that feels more aligned with who you are. Sasha focuses on Self, Home, Relationships, and Habits to ensure all areas you may be struggling with are covered.

Sasha Morozov is a former executive who holds a Master’s in Social Work and is the founder of Sasha x home.

When Sasha isn’t chasing after her two sons, she now utilizes her clinical skills to coach women who are killing it at work but feel like they are failing at home to have more time, less clutter, and habits for a peaceful life. Sasha believes that working moms are exceptional humans who are skilled, devoted, and unstoppable.

Sasha has spent almost 15 years working in the non-profit field to help individuals and families create better futures. Sasha is an avid minimalist, productivity master, and obsessed with organizing and designing people’s lives.

Sasha has now developed a 4-Step Method that focuses on Self, Home, Relationships, and Habits to help moms hit start on the life they’ve put on pause.

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Freebie: 5 Steps to Coming Home Happy from Work https://fabulous-speaker-2402.ck.page/104ce77681
Connect with Sasha in the Free Facebook Group for more tips and Live videos: Moms Creating a Next Level Life at Home https://www.facebook.com/groups/269721965043411
Website: www.sashaxhome.com

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